Rumour: Sales of UT3 for PC stall drastically?

GamerNode writes:

"Seems that in the month of November, only 39,995 units of Unreal Tournament 3 for the PC were sold in the US. The expected number of units to be shifted was 70,000 so to only move half that number is not a good sign.
Crysis on the other hand, which was expected to move just over 68,000 units, ended up with over 86,000 units being shifted. Of course all of these numbers pale in comparison to the console sales, so hopefully with the release of UT3 on the PS3 a few days ago, and a 360 release sometime next year, the sales for UT3 will be a lot larger. Christmas could also help to push UT3 PC sales up."

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Winter47th3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

And they still wonder why developers are leaning more towards Consoles.

mikeslemonade3779d ago

As PS3 owners we should want the PC version to sell more so we can get more mods. The mods are the main reason why I bought the game.

risk3779d ago

no.. the game isnt selling because epic released a beta product on the PC. i own it, i went out and bought it. i thought i would be getting a complete product, boy was i wrong. They released patch 1.1, maybe the earliest patch they have EVER released. and now they are working on patch 1.2. I just hope they can get UT back to its roots, with all these problems that need fixing. If you dont believe my words, head on over to http://utforums.epicgames.c... and go into the general discussion of ut3 section.

JsonHenry3779d ago

Lol, to PC owners this game is tired and flat. We have been playing Unreal Tournament for years and this really doesn't bring anything new or exciting to the table.

However, as always, console owners are finally getting to enjoy what PC gamers have already gotten bored with.

Kleptic3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago ) PC owners this game is tired and flat?...PC gamers barely buy any games, or at least anything non MMO...So Crysis is a game that isn't tired or flat, yet still only managed 68,000 for the month?...GT5: P sold nearly that in 1 day, in Japan alone...

why do you guys think Epic spent so much effort on the PS3 version...its very likely that it will triple the sales of the PC version (or more), and that will still be considered relatively poor sales console wise...the cost of development for big games make PCs the least worthy platform as far as payout...either there aren't that many PC gamers anymore...or there are, but they don't buy games...

the days of record breaking PC sales from the likes of Quake franchises (as well as Unreal) in the past have long since been gone...the online connectivity of every console this generation is not going to help either...

consider why the Xbox brand came along in the first place...MS has seen PC gaming on this decline for a while now...

"however, as always, console gamers finally get to enjoy what PC gamers have already gotten bored with"...Kind of like Gears of War huh?...don't kid yourself...PC gaming hasn't been on the forefront of anything since HL2 3 years ago...

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Capt CHAOS3779d ago

PC owners just don't seem to buy games as much as console owners.. I wonder why?

Perhaps, just a perhaps/maybe it has something to do with the fact that consoles really are for gaming..

Skerj3779d ago

Tell that to the 9mil + people who play WoW and give Blizzard (or bliztivision whatever) 15 bucks a month.

navig8or3779d ago

Hey, People will often complain about which version is better, they can argue all they want, bottom line is: if you want the best, The best console version is PS3, deal with it, mods, free online - what more could you want?

The_Engineer3779d ago

I think most PC gamers are shunning Epic games since they feel they "sold out" to the console makers. Loyalty is a big thing in PC gaming.

ravinash3779d ago

You only need to read the comments on this site to see that.

Statix3779d ago

Well, they're sure as hell not gonna win over anymore loyalty from Epic (or any other developers) in the future by boycotting their damn games, that's for sure. Not with sales like this.

Ju3779d ago

I wonder if they did the same with Gears of War/PC, or other 360 ports.

navig8or3779d ago

a\Ok, PC people may feel hard done by, seeing as the best rated version is on the PS3, EPIC made a commitment to PS3 and they have delivered.

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