Doing Away With Microsoft Points: An Argument For and Against

GameZone writes, "Should Microsoft do away with its virtual point currency system? We explain why – and why not."

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cloud4952485d ago

I think Microsoft should get rid of MSpoints but wait until next gen to do so as its too late in this generation.

mcstorm2485d ago

I dont think MS should do away with MS points but give us a choice on what we use. If they keep points then Kids can still go to the shop pickup a points card and put it onto there xbox account but for people like me I can just use my card to buy what ever it is I want from the market place with my back card.

Jdoki2485d ago

MS could still sell cards. Sony do it with PSN. You just pay for a cash value card, rather than a Points value card.

My preference is to do away with them. It makes the process more straight forward and open.

gigreen2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

MS Points were never a good idea to begin with.

And I don't see any issues with security or authorization like the author of this article, PSN has cards available to buy in stores to eliminate these issues and they use real currency.

DemonStration2484d ago

Considering we're being taxed all the same, and the dollar itself is already a flimsy currency, it seems ridiculous now to be stacking another arbitrary currency on top of that. I'll be happy when MS kills it.