Naughty Dog co-founder: “I remember buying a $1 CD with all Crash games at a bazaar in Bangkok”

There have been plenty of discussions about intrusive DRM, and how they aren’t beneficial to the anyone – gamers and publishers in the long run, but that doesn’t mean companies like Ubisoft will learn.

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TopDudeMan2488d ago

Yeah, I think that is the way we're going. Digital downloads will probably take over in the future. Especially with internet speeds ever-increasing.

Ducky2488d ago

... I am kind of confused as to how digital distribution will solve piracy.
A game can just as easily be pirated whether it's available on retail or not.

TopDudeMan2488d ago

Look at steam and itunes. They are both services which are hugely successful on the internet. Do you know why? Because it is more convenient to buy a song or a game on itunes or steam than to illegally download it. It doesn't solve piracy by any means, but they both offer very convincing incentives to people who would prefer to be legit.

SnuggleBandit2488d ago

My biggest problem with dd is that you dont have a physical copy...duh lol

What im saying is, its way better to have physical copies of stuff...dvds, cd, old records, games. Its just more gratifying, and no one can ever take them away from you or permanently ban you from playing it. No way of losing it to hard drive crashes, etc.

To me, its FAR more convenient and easy to use solid media.

SilentNegotiator2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Some piracy in Bangkok is NOT going to be a deal breaker.

Don't make MY purchase inconvenient because some people that don't make enough to afford a VHS tape decide to pirate it. You're still going to sell a couple million copies and make like, $30 (or whatever you sell copies to retailers for) a pop.

DD and streaming aren't going to be viable for decades if phone companies don't get their crap together and install millions of miles of up to date cabling (and at this rate, cable companies aren't even seriously out of the race to try to undercut them). And data sizes of games will only increase...keep up if you can,'re doing a piss poor job now with 8-50GB games.

BulletToothtony2487d ago


you're totally right, even thou the devs can cry all they want but it is very wrong to charge $60 for a game.

Like you said, it should be way more tempting to buy something online for the right price than physical media.

which would mean that they should sell games online for $30 - $35, i would buy way more games and i would (could) never sell them, which is what i have done with 90% of the games which ends up costing me around $30 anyhow

TopDudeMan2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

@BulletToothTony I love being told that.

And I'll have to tell you the exact same thing thing - you are right. The problem with dd is the pricing. If you look on PSN and XBL for full games, they are priced wrong. They are even more expensive than the full retail game in store. Where PSN and XBL fail, steam won. Their prices are excellent. Much better value. You'd expect that because there is no box, no box art, no instruction book, no disc. So you'd think the overall cost would go down, but on psn and xbl, it actually goes up. If they lower their prices they'd have more success.

Blaine2487d ago

I agree with you two that DD should be cheaper. And I would also buy a lot more games if that were the case. And I never sell my games either, anyways. Problem is, retail stores still hold console games publishers by the balls. So until publishers are confident that they can go DD all the way, its prices will remain high.

(Before anyone replies "but PC games..." PC games are different. 1. They've always been cheaper than console games even in retail stores to begin with, and 2. Steam is like I was saying above: they've gone full DD and don't rely on bricks and mortar stores anymore.)


I get what you're saying, but even physical copies don't last forever. Cartridges have actually proven quite time-resistant so far, but the same can't be said for CDs. Even if you take the best care for them, in less than a decade most of them become unplayable because they've just degraded and can't be read anymore. BDs now are much stronger, but who knows if they'll last. So even if you don't own a physical copy, DD could actually turn out to have better longevity. But for that we'll be in the hands of the publishers, so we'll have to see whether they respect out rights (will we have any?) or not when new hardware generations come along. (Example: the PS4; will my PSN games transfer over, or not?)

bozebo2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

"you're totally right, even thou the devs can cry all they want but it is very wrong to charge $60 for a game."

Er... they cost that much because Sony and MS need platform fees.

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Stealth2k2488d ago

if anything numbers tell us dd isnt taking over.

zireno2488d ago

I don't see this happening in the near future, not everyone has high speed internet, hell not everyone has internet, so going all digital will not help sales it will hurt them. Note that I only said in the near future (5-10 years from now) but yeah in the long run we'll probably see a system more focused on digital media, will they ditch completely physical media?!! maybe but we'll see.

Drekken2488d ago

Digital Downloads will become more of the market share for games, but we aren't close to the point of it making physical media extinct. Just because you have fast internet, doesn't mean Billy Bob from the woods does.

FragGen2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

That way they can recover all those $60/game sales that they were "losing" in an area of the world that is so poor the citizens routinely sell their children into sex slavery.

OMEGAZONE2487d ago

Digital downloads will not take over, the logistics of it are not practical, gamers would have to have unlimited bandwidth with no caps and it's just not a viable option. Internet speeds may be getting faster but more and more service providers are enforcing caps and you're only ever getting 1/4 of the speed your paying for in most cases. It's just not the future. Physical media is here to stay.

JsonHenry2487d ago

I see digital sales as the way forward given the success it has had on the PC platform as well as the success it is beginning to have on consoles with PSN/Xbox Live.

It won't stop piracy. But it does eliminate used games (bad for console gamers) which is yet to be seen if they increase sales this way or not.

My only concern from a console standpoint is that PSN/Xboxlive have HORRIBLE sales compared to the PC counterparts. When I am paying less than $5 for a game on steam and then boot up the xbox and see the same game still selling for $15 years later it does make you wonder.

I'm afraid that console gaming is about to become just that much more expensive with this move to digital only.

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OooHJohnny2488d ago

For 1$, you can get a lot of stuff in Bangkok...

jetlian2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

raise eye brows =) boom boom lol naw

anyway internet speed will be a problem for atleast another decade or 2. Ps3 games already at 50 gb so next gen will be bigger.

Even on my 8mb conection it maxes at 1 MB per second which is 3.6 gb an hour at max speed. No way i'll spend 14+ hours downloading games. Can you image holidays when 15 A+ titles hit within 6 weeks?

Lastly internet companies cap at 400 GB or less. So I cant see DD for atleast another decade

edit: mine doesnt say its capped but after 20 gb or so its slows down to a trickel

-Alpha2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Hahaha 400 GB? I'm capped at 60/month :/

vangl762488d ago

MW3 supposedly had 10 million people buy it on day one. Imagine 10 million people hitting the same servers to download a single game. You won't be hitting your usual dl max speed.

Ducky2488d ago

Well, most of the game with big file sizes are due to pre-rendered videos or uncompressed audio.

Other than that, most games have been below 20gb.
Even then, retail isn't going anywhere for consoles next gen.

Most games allow users to preload the game about a week in advance. So, people can start downloading the game, and on launch day, the game becomes playable.
This prevents the servers from getting hammered.

tr00p3r2487d ago

Just three crash games? He got ripped off... In bangkok you can get the three crash games and a blowy for $1.

jaymart2k2488d ago

They regret selling the Crash B IP toActivistion they say.

Will if it's that important buy it back. It's not like Activision is making money on it. Last Crash B game came out 2-3 years ago & was horrible.

They got Call of Duty to only worry about.

I'm sure Activison would love to sell it back. They love more Money then anyone.

-Alpha2488d ago

I think that's Sony's call, and I will never understand why they didn't just keep those franchises

CaptainMarvelQ82488d ago

I agree,Crash could've been Sony's mascot

Megaman_nerd2488d ago

Sony published the games while ND developed it based on a 3 games contract with Universal Interactive, the owner of the IP.

ChiVoLok02488d ago

They could have made Crash and Spyro grow so much. I would even be willing to say they could have been bigger then Donkey Kong and almost as big as Mario (Platform wise). But then if you think about it if Naughty Dog had kept it, they probably wouldn't have made Jak & Daxter (my favorite franchise ever) or Uncharted.

ShaunCameron2488d ago

Me neither. When I first thought of buying a PS3, I was hoping that Crash Bandicoot would still be around. Well he was but surprisingly only for the XBox 360 (which I bought) and the Wii.

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pedo_across-the-road2488d ago

OMG! Sony did not sell Crash and Spyro those two ip's were owned by Universal Interactive Studios which was brought out by Vivendi who merged with Activision.


Chrono2488d ago

In some countries, the average salary is very low. At the same time, games are sold for $80+ in shops. Of course some people will go for piracy, they just can't afford it.

ChiVoLok02488d ago

I bet it is worse in China then here in Mexico. Here they sell Gears of War 3 for $900 pesos (equivalent to about US$70) and most people make about $800 to $1200 pesos a week.

kaveti66162488d ago

I have no problem with people who live in poor areas pirating media that they otherwise would not have been able to afford.

It's only when very wealthy people do the same thing that it can be frustrating.

ReservoirDog3162488d ago

My only question is how they bought the incredibly expensive console (compared to one game) but can't afford to buy games? I mean, I can buy 3DS games but the actual hardware is out of my budget. How does that even work for them?

And even he said you can't really help situations like this.


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