Sniper Elite V2 Twitter Q&A summary (Critical Gamer)

Critical Gamer writes: A sequel to the 2005 PS2, Xbox and PC game Sniper Elite (which saw a 2010 release on the Wii with a bonus level), very little was known of Sniper Elite V2. Until now! Today, developer Rebellion held a one hour live Q&A session on Twitter. A few juicy tidbits of information were tossed out for the public, and we of course stuck our oar in with a few questions of our own. This is what questions from others revealed, some of this you may know but most you probably won’t:

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mightyles2514d ago

I asked two of those questions (if it was based on real life events, and how many of the current team worked on the original). Yay me... **slow applause** I'll get my coat.

Daz2514d ago

Can not wait for this game, One of the best ww2 games i played.