PlayStation 4: Sony 'Doesn't Discuss Unannounced Plans' - SCE Exec

With all this talk of next-gen, Sony confirms that it wouldn't tell people about it's plans until it's good and ready.

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JoGam2244d ago

Sony has been preaching that since day one. Dont expect Sony to comment on Rumours.

MariaHelFutura2244d ago

PS4 will be announce this year and released next year. Its will have been 7 years since the PS3 launch by then, every previous gen has been 5 years. I'm excited. I imagine the PS4 will launch (window) w/ Uncharted 4 and whatever Media Molecule is working on.

tehpees32244d ago

I agree. I don't know if proper announcements will come this year but certainly rumours will continue to fly. With Nintendo launching this year and MS gearing up for next year Sony can't be far behind.

torchic2244d ago

reveal 2013, release 2013. I would be very surprised if we saw anything from them this year.

NYC_Gamer2244d ago

Sony and Nvidia could produce the strongest console on the market with the PS4

skyward2244d ago

What, better than Nintendo and ATi? You're dreaming.

Lulz_Boat2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

A dream? ahhaha nice joke.

Really, you are the biggest delusional fanboy i ever saw. you will cry a river when you will be overwhelmed but the PS4 tech specs.

h311rais3r2244d ago

The word is could. Not will. Depends on what they are planning. For all we know the next box may be more powerful. Either way neither console will be that much more powerful than eachother like this generation.

Machioto2244d ago

Rumors are that Sony is suppose to have a high end powervr rogue chip in the ps4.

DeadlyFire2240d ago

hmm... Power 7(2010) 40 nm CPU in WiiU (4, 6, or 8 cores) (3.0 Ghz-4.25 Ghz) (4 SMT threads per core)

Power 7+(2012) 32 nm CPU in Next Xbox (4, 6, or 8 cores) (3.0 Ghz-4.25 Ghz or higher) (4 SMT threads per core) (increased memory)

Power 8(2013) 22 nm CPU in PS4? (up to 16 cores?) 4 SMT threads per core.

As for your Cell comment. IBM has gone on the record stating that future Cell tech would be incorporated into the Power line. Perhaps Power8 features this.

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Feckles2244d ago

I wish they'd just give us a hint of what PS4 will be.

Drekken2244d ago

It will be more powerful and still providing all the exclusives you can afford.

skyward2244d ago

Just say 'we're working on it' and leave it at that.

Megaman_nerd2244d ago

If I were Sony I wouldn't divert the attention talking about a new console when they still have plenty of exclusive games that are yet to come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.