Ono describes Street Fighter on the next generation of consoles

Yoshinori Ono the man behind the Street Fighter games and the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken has outlined his vision for Street Fighter on the next generation of consoles.

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hardcore19122486d ago

I can't wait for SF X Tekken. Street Fighter is my favorite fighting game.

jthamind2486d ago

“In fighting games, the only difference between me and you is how good I am. But what I want to do with fighting games from now on is add in that element of customisation, where I can have a Ryu that’s different than your Ryu, so we can compete on a different level than just our execution.”

i love Street Fighter, and i think it's hands down the best fighting franchise ever created, but i think that is a flat out horrible idea. what's wrong with the only difference being skill level? part of training in fighting games involves knowing your opponent's character, that character's moves, reversals, options, etc. if everybody can create a unique character, then you can't enter a matchup with any real knowledge of your opponent and their options, which is dumb.

AhmadVGArabia2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I agree that the great thing about Street Fighter is learning your main character pros and cons and his/her match up against the other characters in the game. But I think there is some ideas that could work in customizing your character in a fighting game. Like in western RPGs, you can select your character specialty , perks and other things, in street fighter you can choose a perk where your hadoken do more damage where other player make his Ryu do more damage with his shoryokens. But they need to make sure that the game is balanced, which is very hard.

2EHO2486d ago

Next gen I want to see real time damage. If a players takes enough hits to the leg his character will limp in the fight. I want to see that.

Simon_Brezhnev2486d ago

His goal is to see how much more buff he can make them. They need to get rid of the shitty 3d graphics they did for MvC3 and SF4. I wish they would use Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm graphics.

Horrible idea for customization well depends if you can disable it online. After playing Arcane Hearts 3 a lot of people play really cheap with the customization. I hope they add air block in this time around. So sick of turtles in SF games.

josephayal2486d ago

ONO is the man cant wait for CvsSNK3 and Disney vs Microsoft