Atmosphere is enough: Why Flower succeeds where Limbo fails

Nightmare Mode takes a look at how Flower succeeds where Limbo fails.

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StrongMan2514d ago

Flower is just a better and innovative game than Limbo.

Fez2513d ago

Completely agree with the author.

Limbo's atmosphere is non-existent. I was very disappointed with it after hearing all the positive feedback from reviews and people on here with the comparisons to Braid. Doesn't hold a candle to the amazing Braid btw.

Flower is a game I will go back to whereas I'll probably never touch Limbo again.

SWORDF1SH2513d ago

I really enjoyed Limbo but braid and flower are on another level imo.

Need one more trophy on flower; PURE. Journey the city unscathed arrrghhhhhhhhhhh!

Dark_Overlord2513d ago

Wall hugging is your friend ;)

gamer78042513d ago

Next up, lets compare apples to oranges!

Why o why2513d ago


Both are good but very different. I enjoyed them both

scotchmouth2513d ago

Ha! Well played good sir!

Redempteur2513d ago

Flower atmosphere is still unmatched IMO.

The restore the city moment is just brillant .

Run_bare2513d ago

ohh FLower, I love the feeling of the game. Very soothing and makes me happy. Limbo is depressing. Everytime I feel down, I play a level of Flower.

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