Dark Messiah teaser

Ubisoft released this new teaser trailer of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

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Charlie26883813d ago

To be honest I was VERY skeptical about this game before it was launched it had a LOT of potential but after being almost unplayable due to the bugs so I lost hope and abandoned the game BUT a few months ago I played the fully patched game and oh man is the game REALLY cool the melee combat is one of the best done in a FPS probably next to Condemned and RPG part while somewhat light its good and adds variety also the story is rather interesting since the characters are not stereotypical at all in the classic story of stop the evil dude

while the graphics are Source engine and cant really compare to new engines like UE3 BUT the light and water effect implemented in this game with the Source engine are still some of the best in the market

MK_Red3813d ago

I was really looking forward to this game but I knew my PC can't handle it (Yes, my system is that old) and with so many bugs and problems that I heard about, I let it out of my mind but with the 360 version, hopefully they have upgraded and improved the game, specificly the multi player and controls.
Nice teaser but kinda too effect heavy (Bloom and such).