The end of pre-owned would be a disaster for games

MCV: Reports this morning – which it must be said remain totally unsubstantiated – claim that the Next Xbox could incorporate a new technology that blocks the use of pre-owned games on the console.

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vuzuki2515d ago

I agree 100% with this opinion piece. The biggest issue in my mind is that selling only new games favors "more flash, less substance" titles, and powerful marketing over games that stick with you and that you don't want to resell.

If I buy game A (let's call it Assassin's Creed) because it looks really cool but find it incredibly repetitive and boring, I can resell it immediately and someone more cautious than me can buy my copy instead of a new one. The publisher will lose one sale.

With my money, I can buy game B (say, Demon's souls) used because it seems weird, underground and I never heard about it. Then if I like game B, I'll keep it the longest possible and take it off the market, while eagerly waiting for its sequel to buy it Day One.

But if publishers make money as soon as you buy any game, and are not penalized if you dislike it afterward, that's not a very good incentive for developers.

lashes2ashes2515d ago

Why should the publisher or dev be penalized if you dislike the game later. That's stuped I buy only new games, if I pay 60 dollars and I don't like the game I should have not got it and it's my fauilt that's the point of demos. I live off of 700$ a month and very rarely do I end up buying a crappy game. The fact is used game sales are destroying profits for game devs. Just look at how many studios are being closed right after a game is launched. Now this is just my opinion but I'm sick and tired of what places like GameStop have done to the industry I have been a part of for so many years.

Animals_as_Leaders2515d ago


Spoken like a true slave.

Consumers ( paying customers ) should only be concerned with 1 thing; what they get for their money.

ABizzel12515d ago

The end of the used game market would not do anything, but give developers the full income they deserve.

Games generally drop in price to $40 after the first couple of months, and by the next half of the year they're $30 or less, and every now and then stores off Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so there are are plenty of chances to get games at discounted prices. The only time I buy used is if there's a game I want that's too old to buy new.

If they decide to do this then games should drop back down to the $50 mark, and games need to drop to lower prices a bit faster. They also need to make games cheaper when you download them from XBL or PSN.

The only downside to this is you can't loan any games to a friend.

darthv722515d ago

by that logic it should flow something like this. First they do away with used game sales. Next society does away with sites like ebay and craigs list and then it becomes a crime to have a yard sale and soon used cars will not exist and ultimately people will never be able to by a home if it is not perfectly new and freshly built.

Yeah that is a bit extreme but each one of those examples represent a private sale that takes away a sale from the original dev/mfg/builder.

vuzuki2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I don't care about who deserves what, I am not God. However, what I know is that the end of used games is an incentive for developers to make games that will really catch your attention but end up sucking. That's all.

Also, you may not buy used games, good for you. Me, I'm glad I do because I discovered a lot of games and studios that everybody said sucked or that I have never heard about but that I personally loved and I now want to support - and I would never have tried their games for 60$. A lower price tag allows me to test the games for myself, and that's how I discovered my favorites games of the gen, which are not necessarily AAA or faultless titles

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just_looken2515d ago

Just a fyi to the console gamers and readers of this article remember everything thats happening to console has happened to pc's years ago. There is 0 used pc game stores available infact with all this pc drm bs last i checked only steam allow's free reinstall's were other game apps are limited 1-5 install's per key.

Kaos_Vll2514d ago

which is why no one gives a damn about pc gaming other than pc gamers.

GhettoBlasStarr2515d ago

Please Stop with that Devs. lose money B.S. because they don't!!
The Consumer(You)loses money because you buy the game full price which the Devs get & you sell it at a cheaper price than what you've paid for.
All used game sells are a transfer of ownership. Because once you sell that copy of the game you can't play it anymore. Its like you rented it for the difference of what you paid for.
I think everyone has the right to sell something they've paid for.

Godchild10202515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I agree. I borrowed 2 games from a friend when I first got my 360 and PS3 a few years back. I loved those games that I ended up buying the second and third installments of those franchises day one. If I couldn't borrow those games or in this case buy the games used (with the insurance that I could get my money back if I didn't like it) I wouldn't have bought the second and third installments day one. Also who knows if the first installment of those games would have been able be bought new at that time. Look at infamous 2, I don't think it would have sold as well if Sony didn't get hacked and gave infamous one away for free.

The used game market helps build new purchases when the dev and publisher provides a new purchase worthy game the next time around.

FACTUAL evidence2515d ago

Not only do you have to buy new, but think of when games go discontinued?.....How do we get them? Besides online??

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KeybladeMaster2515d ago


Why would developers go for "more flash, less substance" titles? They are still competing with other developers to make better games than the other guy so people buy their games. Competition drives innovation and substance, not used games.

kma2k2515d ago

ive been saying this all day. The end of used gaming will be the first domino that will lead to the colapse of gaming. Not compltely mind you it will survive in some regard, but console gaming will die. If they enforce this i assure you pirating will become so prevalent that there will be no money to be made in games which will in turn force developers to close one by one, then publishers will be next. Pricing will skyrocket to try to make the money of what they are making now which will just be another domino. Games will have no check & balance of used gaming pricing which would make new games very expensive & old games will have no reason to drop in price so old games will be just as expensive as new games.

UltimateIdiot9112515d ago

I was never a fan of used games and never bought used games. I have always waited out for the bargain bin. So my collection can be split easily into 2 categories - Day 1 buy, and dirt cheap bargain bin.

The only issue I have is the fact that lending out games/borrowing game becomes impossible or a hassle.

maddfoxx2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Didnt read the article yet, but I fail to see how used games will end gaming when the videogame industry doesn't make a dime from used game sales. However, if used games were eliminated, I could see game rental companies like gamefly coming back.

You guys are using the "what if I dont like the game" as an excuse to keep preowned games around. The solution to this is demos and rental services. Getting rid of preowned games will make gamers more conscious of the games they buy. . .only spending money on games that they could get a lot of value out of.

Animals_as_Leaders2515d ago

It would destory the industry because used game sales also effect people who don't buy used games. I've never bought used games or consoles, but I've certainly traded many games in.

Often the only reason I buy games is because I trade other games in, so that second purchase is only possible because of used game trade.

So someone made money becase of used game sales. Often people who buy used game could not afford to buy games new, so that is not a loss of a sale as the companies would claim.

It is 2 new game purchases and 1 used game sale, the latter of which is not NECESSARILY a loss of a sale.

It also makes the purchase price easier to swallow, knowing that you can sell your game. If people have to buy games at full RRP...and can't sell them, then where is the incentive for a lot of people to buy?

There will be a lot less game sales and a lot less consoles sold if used game sales are banned.

In the same way that DRM has forced people to pirate games.

vortis2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

Halo Reach had a demo?

RAGE had a demo?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 had a demo?

Demon Souls had a demo?

STALKER games have demos?

Darkness II had a demo?

Assassin's Creed Revelations had a demo?

Gears of War 3 had a demo?

GTA IV had a demo?

Saints Row The Third has a demo?

I'm not trolling I'm actually asking because I know some of those games DON'T have demos. You also CANNOT rent PC games unless you pirate them.

You obviously don't work for a living or paying for your own living expenses. If you did then you would know that the used game business is a great way to save cash and try out games for cheap (and I'm talking about actually cheap not GameStop $5 off cheap).

I used to buy 5 games for $25 during the PS2/Xbox era and it was a great way to try out hidden gems like Quantum Redshift, Geist, Everything or Nothing and the first Godfather game. I owned the games for cheap and I don't regret it. Some of those games weren't worth retail prices, though, and as the original poster states it's a great way to limit on the trash publishers try to shove down our throats.

Besides, if you really want to help devs then buy digital directly from them NOT the publisher, plain and simple. Buying retail only helps the publishers anyway and the used game market hurts publishers not developers. Don't buy into the PR BS that big pubs try to push down your throat.

maddfoxx2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

I said demos *AND* rental services. You're argument is irrelevant because you can still RENT all of those games.

"You obviously don't work for a living or paying for your own living expenses. If you did then you would know that the used game business is a great way to save cash and try out games for cheap (and I'm talking about actually cheap not GameStop $5 off cheap)."

Making assumptions about my life wont get you anywhere. I couldn't afford to buy any games this year, but still managed to play all of the major releases through rental services. Buying games for $45 and then selling them back to gamestop for $20 isnt considered "saving" in my book. You essentially paid $25 on a rental. You're the one complaining about buying a $60 game and then turning around saying that you used to buy 5 of them for $125. If you were really hurting for doe, you would have just been happy with that one $25 game.

vortis2513d ago

I bought 5 games for $25 that's TWENTY-FIVE dollars not $125.

I'm sorry but 5 games for $25 is a steal.

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