Wii U features 'have advanced since E3 reveal' - Ono

Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono has said the Wii U first shown off at E3 last June isn't an accurate reflection of what Nintendo's new console will offer upon release.

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PSVITAlitysensor2518d ago

And what about since CES 2012? It was just the same as e3 2011, wtf!?

Shok2518d ago

It was supposed to be.....

Nintendo confirmed that everything they were going to show was going to be what they showed at E3. Nintendo went to CES so journalists who missed out on the Wii U at E3 could finally get their hands on it.

CES wasn't supposed to show anything new.

EVILDEAD3602518d ago

That is good news if true.

See this kind of rumor guarantees 720 will come off the shelf and Sony might be forced to follow suit at this year's E3.

The plot thickens


Thatguy-3102518d ago

Well they practically didnt show much at E3 so they better have advanced the features

Animals_as_Leaders2518d ago

It doesn't matter how good the specs are when you keep releasing terrible Zelda games that bring shame to the franchise name and have no third party support.

It will be another generation of shovelware.

Lf_sIcKmAn2518d ago

What terrible zelda games? The last i remember were those on cdi... Try harder troll...

Animals_as_Leaders2518d ago

Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

That last good Zelda game was Windwaker, don't be so blind.

kaveti66162518d ago

"don't be so blind."

This is what happens when the education budget is cut. The entire section on facts and opinions was removed.

Joegrine202518d ago

DUDE GO N CHECK GAMERANKINGS!! and what zelda game got lower than 90%. it was the highest rated console exclusive this year. dont knw wth ur taking about.

IWentBrokeForGaming2518d ago

If Nintendo can prove me wrong with a stellar Exclusive line up (and not of their TRADITIONAL milked franchise exclusive ilk either) and prove to me WiiU isn't all about gimicry like the Wii is... and I just might bite.

But until Im proven wrong, Im definatley not buying it...

2EHO2518d ago

I'm sure you think the move and kinect were gimmicks also?

PopRocks3592518d ago

Well, given how many games actually utilize Move and Kinect with intuitive and deep functionality, then yes, I'd say it's a gimmick.

jacen1002517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

what are you gonna do wait for the ps4 and get uncharted, o wait thats aleready been milked, maby get the new box and get gears of war, hold on thats already been milked, " get my point " ?
gimmicky? ps4 is gonna be pushing the gimmicky motion move stuff this coming gen also microsoft are gonna be pushing the gimmicky kinekt.
nintendo is leaving that behind with the tablet controller but wiiU still supports it

mshope102518d ago

@Animals_as_leaders thats your opinion but i hate how you act as if it how all zelda and nintendo fans feel!!!!

first i'm 28 and have played every single zelda made except the cd-i ones!![but i don't think i missed anything]but skyward sword is now my favorite zelda made's the first zelda in the timeline and explains alot of stuff!plus now you can gather materials and upgrade stuff like shields and alot of your equipment which make it have a little bit more of a hardcore rpg feel!plus i don't know if i have a magic wii motion plus controller or i just i'm smarter then most people,or maybe i just the best zelda gamer in the world but motion controls work great for me and really add to the game and it pulls me in more!!!

i know i don't have a magic wii remote,i know i'm no the smartest gamer,or the best zelda gamer in the world but i feel that way cause it seems skyward sword only works for me and my friends and the rest of world it doesn't work somehow and people trash talk it!!

well im going with best zelda gamer cause it worked great for me and skyward sword is my fav zelda followed by wind waker,ocarina of time,majora's mask,and then twilight princes which is still a fantastic zelda and just a great game!

and i know tons of people that feel like i do and skyward sword is great!!!maybe your not a zelda fan and just want to hate!

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