TXB: 360's Most Anticipated Action Games of 2008

The Action genre is always an exciting one, but also one filled with diversity and genre benders. Look at last year's list for some good examples: Crackdown had a shooter base with RPG-ish character building and other gameplay elements stacked on top. Bullet Witch was also a shooter, but it layered on spellcasting and featured other influences as well. The recently released Assassin's Creed is still downright hard to categorize, and it took the discovery portion of open-world games to new heights-literally. But what's heading to the 360 in 2008, take a look at TXB's most anticipated 2008 action titles.

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power of Green 3811d ago

Elveon, Too Human, Theseis, Project Offset, Infernal are some of my other can't wait to see titles. Whats so funny?.

FirstknighT3811d ago

ATB is going to be a HUUUUUUGE hit. I can't wait for that game. 2008 is looking oh so nice for us 360 owners. :)

supermandead6663811d ago

Trying to put on a brave face i see.

Genuine3811d ago

The Ghostbusters game looks suprisingly interesting.

TheMART3811d ago

Still my pick is Gears of War 2 to buy in November 2008!

shrimpboat3811d ago

Yeah because thats the only one you can't get on the PS3. Im keeping my 360 just for Gears 2 also. Any other game I can get on my PS3.

Saint Sony3811d ago

You're such a dork, you have to use avatar of others to get yourself seen in this forum...sad kid. Go pamper your shrimp.

Good luck finding the rest games but Gears 2 for PS3.

navig8or3811d ago

I'm a pretty solid PS3 guy, I spent more than i could afford to buy the best PS3 i could, almost full PS2 compatibility (Australian Version) and it works perfectly for all of my PS2 games, all of them, PS3 has continually given me something i want in it's updates, i love XBL but it could bring some new stuff to the table a bit quicker. PS3 has me, my friends and those who are on the edge, all these people want PS3, I have XBOX360 (Gamertag: navig8or78) but still, the potential of PS3 can not be disregarded.

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The story is too old to be commented.