Dead Space - "the strategic dismemberment of alien appendages"

Gameplayer has taken a look at the intriguing new survival horror IP out of EA called Dead Space. Creepy sounding stuff.

"There's a dark corner at EA's Redwood offices where terror lurks; in which a renegade team of developers is crafting the newest entry in the survival horror genre. But in a clear nod to the likes of the Alien franchise and Event Horizon, this one dispenses with urban decay and gothic manors in favour of the cold, unforgiving interior of a deep space mining vessel."

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jack who3817d ago

dismemberment of alien appendages” english?

SlappingOysters3817d ago

you shoot certain limbs off to gain a tactical advantage

games4fun3817d ago

game turns out alright haven't play a space horror in a while (i cant even think of one)