Confirmed: Metal Gear Solid 4 + Metal Gear Online = One Package

Since the announcement of Metal Gear Online, it's been left unclear whether or not it would be released as a standalone title or bundled together with Metal Gear Solid 4. It's only commonsense that the two should be paired together, but early talk didn't seem to suggest that they would be. Well, the January '08 issue of the new PlayStation: The Official Magazine (formerly PSM) was just dropped off in VG Blogger Matt's mailbox, headlined on the cover with exclusive confirmation that MGS4 and MGO are in fact being integrated into one value-packed MGS experience for the PS3. Hurray!

[ Enlarge the partial page scan attached below to read the confirmation and some details of Metal Gear Online. ]

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Rikitatsu3812d ago

... who gives this game less than perfect 10 !!!!!

gamesR4fun3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

And this news made my day gonna preorder the limited edition when I finish up my xmas shopping this weekend.

sonarus3812d ago

i never get limited editions for anything but i would for mgs easy. Still havnt finished 2 and i knw 4 is gonna be a direct sequel to mgs2 only finished 1 and 3 so gonna start a play thru of 2 again this xmas.
They really dnt need to release the online component seperately jst add the extra maps as DLC and that would be fine. Glad they are bundling the two together since multiplayer is apparently so essential these days i personally could care less as this will be the first time i am playing mgs online its all about the single player experience for me. This will be the turning point for ps3 indeed. If sony really wanna break sales they can strike a deal with konami and bundle it with a ps3. that would really sell some ps3's cus i knw some ps3 haters would get ps3 jst for this game even if they sell it back after they are done with it. Its hard to not wanna play this game

KrazyKoala3812d ago

Only a fanboy reviews a game before its released!

Look, I really enjoyed the MGS series (except everything after the first mission in Sons of Liberty) but for god sakes stop acting like a 4 year old baseball fan and the world series. You are a customer for goodness sakes! Its to our advantage to remain critical of developers so that they never get sloppy. That's why EA sucks now, we buy the same crap year after year so where's the drive to keep up quality?

nix3812d ago

for being PS3 exclusive.

gamesR4fun3812d ago

True enough but would you put money on this game not getting more than a couple tens ;)

solidt123812d ago

Sweet, this can only be done on Blu-Ray.

fusionboxer3812d ago

The OPM snippet read on the image sounds promising as hell. Helicopters, 100 weapons to choose from, customizable skills that all can level up?? Sounds like a great mix of COD4 and metal gear greatness.

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ruibing3812d ago

The decision to include MGO, even if its a starter pack, was a good one. I can't wait to pop it in my PS3.

ATLRoAcH3812d ago

And this is what I first noticed.

Darkiewonder3812d ago

I will have to wait a few more days or a week to get it. ;(


Anyways. good they are including some sort of online for it!

solidt123812d ago

I hope the stores have it when I get off.