Hilary Clinton Wants To Know What You Play

G4 The Feed - Thursday, December 13, 2007:

Wannabe first-woman-president Hilary Clinton wants to know what games you're playing.

The plucky democrat has sponsored a research study for her run for president that includes a question about what games voters play.

Which of the following have you visited or played online?

• Sim City
• Second Life
• Sims
• None of the above
• Other
• Don't know

Strangely, any violent game and/or console title is left off the list... hmmm. Also, how could you "not know" what games you've played or visited?

The survey also probes internet usage.

Which activities do you do online most?

• Research issues or questions
• Use a webcam
• Share digital photos
• Download music or video
• Read or post to blogs
• Research products or services
• Watch video sites like YouTube
• Email
• Shop
• Read the news
• Play video games
• Instant message
• Online banking or bill pay
• Use online social networks
• Talk on the phone using VoIP

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the worst3630d ago

worry about giving
Bill Clinton some head
leave gamers alone

INehalemEXI3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Now playing Democrat May Cry 4 ... Gamers votes.

Prismo_Fillusion3630d ago

What a b*tch.
She sucked as New York State senator (I'm from NY).

Oh, and I'm a liberal.

chrno63630d ago

I think Ameria is screwed and further alienated if neither Obama or Ron Paul is elected.

ktchong3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Obama is a good candidate - I like him the best, but he's black, so realistically he has no chance of winning in today's America. Maybe in another 25 years.

Salvadore3630d ago

America is probably in it's biggest dilemma because you've a man who's black and on the otherside, you've got a white woman.

Blasphemy3630d ago

I agree the round peg obama won't stand a chance at winning the election I don't think Hilary has a chance either because she's a woman. Democrats are screwed this time around looks like another republican will get the house.

Prismo_Fillusion3630d ago

Some of you don't follow politics very well!
In every poll I've seen so far of mock-up final election votes, Obama beats the Republican more than Clinton.

Highwayman3629d ago

I'm all for John Mccain, as I am a rep. Conservative, extreme left wing, hawk. I don't play nice very well with Democrats. I have to make exceptions though, my mother is a democrat, who wants Hilary to win and abolish video games from our poisoned minds. Typical every other Sunday with my mother.

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Milkman5413630d ago

Obama or Edwards...Come on America...After Bush for 8 years, we need someone that is for change...

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The story is too old to be commented.