80° Introduces Wii Gamercards

Well folks its been a while in planning but thanks to an effort worthy of Bahamut itself we are able to bring to you our Wii Tags a few hours earlier than we thought!

Wii Tags are simpler than the PS3 counter parts only including your Nickname, Wii Friend Code, Country Flag and what you "Now Playing". To start we are introducing 108 Wii Style Skins split up among an introductory 5 layouts.

Just like it is tradition to have PS3 Launch Skins the Wii Launch Skins will be centered around release dates of much hyped games and new games will be added as they are announced and artwork is made available.

The Wii Tag Gamer Card puts us one step closer to our goal of a true multi-platform gamer card and we are currently planning the next phase in that plan to bring "Gamer Card For The Rest Of Us". We will start by added some of the more popular Nintendo DS games, the rest is Top Secret .. ah maybe ill tell the right person ;).

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