Top 10 reasons IT won't support the iPhone

Wondering why your corporate Information Technology department won't buy you an Apple (AAPL) iPhone or support the one you bought yourself? Here's your answer.

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Bleyd3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

If you're an IT person at your workplace then these are the reasons that you need to start screaming at the top of your lungs why you can't support the iPhone through your company's network. The iPhone will drive you mad if you're a Network Administrator or just a general IT guy at your work. Literally.

Feihc Retsam3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I work for a large IT consulting firm in the D.C. area and my company reimbursed for my iPhone because we have the luxury of forwarding our business email to our gmail accounts. They would have bought me a blackberry, but I've never liked them due to their bulk and clunkly web browsing.
Now, I will say that the "IT" helpdesk does not "officially" support the phone, but they are familiar with its configuration and have helped other employees that weren't very tech savvy to setup their email accounts to forward to their phone.
The helpdesk will help you setup some features on the phone, but ultimately Apple will be the one supporting your device, which is fine with me.

illizit3807d ago

I won't support it, nor use it until it has full Exchange 2003/2007 Push email, with wireless synchronization and the ability for remote wipes, etc. Until then its simply a kid's phone with no productivity at all.

Skerj3811d ago

Because it's a gimmicky toy phone? HTC all the way!!