Burnout Paradise demo: PS3 version shinier, Xbox 360 has rumble

GamePro's Blake Snow writes about the release of the Burnout Paradise demo on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360:

Available now at the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, the Paradise demo features three playable levels including three-person online play.

We downloaded and compared both versions side-by-side this afternoon, and after a cursory inspection, here's what we know. The PS3 version looks shinier. The Xbox 360 version has rumble. So its pretty much a wash.

More impressive, however, is the games fresh take on the genre. There are no game menus; a voice tutorial helpfully leads the way. It can take a while to get your bearings before running jumps, turning tricks, and winning races, but Paradise show promise in one of the meatiest demos released this year.

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Violater3630d ago

The PS3 version has rumble too.
Imported white dual shock 3 FTMFW

ruibing3630d ago

Importing it is basically the cost of a full retail game, I went with the game so I guess I'm just gonna have to wait a lil. Or I guess I can duct tape my cellphone to my hands and get someone to call me whenever something happens on the screen...

TripleTags3630d ago

this one when we can rub it in!

resistance1003630d ago

@ tripletags

True, My mates are envious of me, as i can play uncharted, ratchet, motorstorm, GT5: Prologue etc all with rumble months before they can ^_^

Polluted3630d ago

@Ruibing: That's the dumbest joke I've heard all day, but it put a smile on my face. Bubbles!

smirx3630d ago

That was pretty funny dude. Me, I personally don't care about rumble. After you play with rumble for 10 minutes you forget it's even there.

Ghoul3630d ago

jup its rumbling

dualshock3 here too

The 3rd Place3630d ago

This is waiting!

For Sony to release DS3 outside Japan!

MaximusPrime3630d ago

yep me too. I got DS3 and it is fantastic!

Laexerias3630d ago

ps3 is shinier and got rumble, owned.

athlon7703629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

You can go into options and enable the sixaxis controll and use the controller as a stearing wheel. takes a little getting used to, but neat.

SlappyMcTaint3629d ago

Grasp at straws much? "360 has rumble" Wow! 'Cause PS3 will too in a couple months, Fcktools.

You might as well say, "PS3 is shinier, while the 360 is a white console." Duhr!

stevenhiggster3629d ago

Dualshock3 off ebay £39.99,
Carriage £6.99,
being able to stick your fingers up to xbots priceless.

ambientFLIER3629d ago

What the heck are you retards so proud of? The fact that you need to import an expensive controller in order to have rumble, or the fact that your version is shinier? Hah...

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sonarus3630d ago

ps3 version has rumble too assuming you have the dualshock controller( i do).Burnout was one of the first announced ps3 titles to have rumble support. The ps3 version is a bit shinier i didnt play side by side but i have played both versions and the first impression was ps3 version jst looks a lil bit better

mikeslemonade3630d ago

This story isn't even accurate. There is 4 person online not 3 person.

Rice3630d ago

true, so the ps3 vrsion is better. woo hooo

toughNAME3630d ago

since when is shinier better?

chances are the 360 version is better

but PS3 was the lead who knows


Was anyone else as unimpressed with the demo as I was?
It was so open, it seemed more like NFS
but maybe I should give the demo some more time

xplosneer3630d ago

Won't argue on the first point, we will have to wait and see.

I LOVED it for the openness of it. Since someone stole my Most Wanted and Carbon downright sucked, I'm glad to see one. I wish it had cops, but the crashes are so funny and different that I kept laughing at myself for all the weird crashes. Also, Pro Street went somewhere into the realm of realistic(which it can't compete to Forza, GT5, or PGR4) and ditched the open world completely so I'm happy.

Fighter3630d ago

Gamepro did a side to side comparison and determined that the PS3 version looks more polished. Keep in mind that this is only a demo and the Xbox 360 version could look better than it already is when the game launches but that would also mean that the PS3 version will look even more spectacular.

This whole year we PS3 owners got the second rate product when it came to multi platform games but now it's our turn to receive the benefits. Just live with it, Xbox owners, you guys have boasted about your version now it's time for us to do the exact same.

sonarus3630d ago

yea to be honest am not really feeling the whole open world thing jst yet. It works great for multiplayer but thats bout it. They put too much focus on multiplayer in my opinion

Hatchetforce3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

toughName - dumbest comment of the day. Lead platform = worse game? Dumb, just dumb. It must really burn the asses of guys like you watching the PS3 go one up. You had better get some lexapro or zoloft. Maybe some valium or a thorazine milkshake because this is going to become the norm by next year. Suck it up buttercup and get used to it.

@Cheech, I seriously doubt this is old code being released at this point. It is likely what you are going to get. They are at the satge where they have locked the frames and are simply bughunting. With the game just over a month away they will have to get it in for certification with the publisher and respective Sony and Microsoft teams - that takes at least a week - and then reproduction and shipping - another 3 weeks. What you see is what you get in this case.

Lord Cheese3630d ago

felt the demo was a bit sparse - good fun in multiplayer as at least you can mess around attempting takedowns, but single player the demo didnt really have enough events to get a real feel of how the game is going to pan out.

Have to say though, the way in which the online/offline modes are so seemless is amazing - love the way that if you drop out of a game, you just carry on playing as if nothing had changed.

Wasnt a fan of the last burnout on the 360, but this one has potential - just wish the demo had shown a bit more in the way of features....

toughNAME3629d ago

what are you new to the comment section? You think that was the dumbest comment of the day? I should nominate YOU jsut for making such a stupid suggestion

Read my comment again, I agree with you...I just wouldn;t be at all surprised if the 360 version was better

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pwnsause3630d ago

finally, an EA game that doesnt suck. I was playing it today, and it was amazing, this and GT5 will rock next year!!

Polluted3630d ago

Criterion developed the game. They also made that awesome shooter "Black". There are lots of good devs under the EA umbrella. It's the games that EA develops themselves that tend to suck.

nanometric3630d ago

Yeah, I loved Black on PS2... hey but what happened to Black 2?

jorellpogi3629d ago

Criterion is a good developer. BLACK was well polished. I hope they will develope the BLACK2.

Maddens Raiders3630d ago

I was never a big fan of burnout, but played this game today with a few of you fellas here on N4G and had a blast. The controls were intuitive and the online, jump-in-and-play aspect is great. Don't know if I'll buy it on first offer, but it's definitely worth considering.

toughNAME3630d ago

Since when did you get bubble number 5 back?

I've been working on getting you to 3 for months!

Maddens Raiders3630d ago

you guys have been killing me for years and I'm still standing. I ain't going nowhere.

Snukadaman3630d ago

anyways..on topic...the game is ok..playing with people on your friends list cant be any easier...but as tough name said..i aint digging the open ended thing going on...but its a first day buy for me...why not...shiny is great....bfd....worry about online before you find out which version is better, this game will be on ea servers, not dedicated ones.

The Dude3630d ago

maddden radders you are the biggest gamer poser out there pretending to be all about the games.. You'll always be a loser not going anywhere.

nanometric3630d ago

Maddens was normal last year, dunno what happen this year, maybe the 360 power brick hit his head?

Killjoy30003629d ago

were all in this together guys

marionz3629d ago

actually after playing the demo i was disapointed, where has the burnout majic gone? this may as well be test drive 2, its not a bad game but its not burnout anymore

why do they have to wreck a great game, taking out traffic checking was a huge mistake

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