Theory: Xbox 720 Anti-Used Games Confirmed Via Gamestop Closures? theorizes that the rumor that Xbox 720 will not play used games can be confirmed through Gamestop's recent strategy to move away from brick and mortar retail to digital only.

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iamnsuperman2365d ago

No. The answer is the UK market is either between supermarkets (who can afford to sell games cheaper) and shops like Game/Gamestation (owned by the same company). The rise of online shopping is also a major impact. Game dedicated shops are doing less well because the competition from supermarkets and online stores can sell games at a cheaper price. Nothing to do with the next xbox

dark-hollow2365d ago

Its funny how a trash site claims something on n4g and other trash sites start debating on that topic regardless if the source is reliable or not.

Stop arguing over rumors and start posting actual news.

Army_of_Darkness2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

If this is actually true, then it's Confirmed that I will never Buy one. Ever.

Solid_Snake372365d ago

Yeah, ms isnt that stupid....

bruddahmanmatt2365d ago

I want to punch the imbecile who conjured up the title for this garbage "basement journalism" piece.

softgrip2364d ago

"If this is actually true, then it's Confirmed that I will never Buy one. Ever. "

At least not a second hand one.

bozebo2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

If it can't play used games but the initial retail price is much lower, then it could be good for consumers. Take Steam as an example.

Though when/if it is a physical product I find it quite scandalous that they are allowed to disallow resale - or even force things like online passes.

ravinash2364d ago

I guess that means there will be no more rental of games and no more trading in games to save cost on the next new game.


SilentNegotiator2364d ago

I would never buy a "no used" console (AKA, a system that won't play a game on multiple systems).

And, no, Microsoft isn't stupid enough to go mainly digital, either. Having the lowest common denominator console is a HUGE part of success in the console industry. The 4GB Xbox isn't the top selling, but it is a huge chunk of sales. And the Wii doesn't have a harddrive at all.

Imagine if they went mostly or all digital.....they would need beefy harddrives. And that would cost.

And eliminating used games from their system might appease publishers, but gamers would utterly reject it. It would be disastrous.

No used games or all/mostly digital would be an awful console and would do terrible on the market.

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LackTrue4K2365d ago

Fact - Traditional games stores make more profit on used games than on new ones. Without this revenue, many independent games stores will go under and stores such as Gamestop will lose a massive profit margin. I predict that if Microsoft do this, then Sony certainly won't. The increase in console sales for them would be phenomenal.

LNDCalling2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Hmmmm.. I kind of want to agree but console sales have never been what makes money in the gaming market but rather the software, in that respect Sony would have more to lose than Microsoft as they have more first party studios.

The above said I do see your point, and they could well look to do the reverse (of Microsoft) in the hope it will sell more consoles and thus attract more 'mass' market appeal and hence software sales, but suppose it how they weigh it up!

ravinash2364d ago

It would be an interesting case study to see how it would effect console sales.

LNDCalling2364d ago

But shops like CeX are still selling used games (here in the UK at least) and in many cases cheaper than Game, though I'll admit gaming alone isn't their forte!

snipes1012364d ago

The fact that Army_Of_Darkness has more disagrees than agrees blows my mind. People honestly think MS is that stupid. They havent been an elephant in the room for several decades because they are stupid. Get. Real.

That's just outright bias. As for the rumor, here's an opinion coming from a site that is not trash that I'm sure many of you will find enlightening:

kaveti66162364d ago

Army of Darkness decided to reply to DarkHollow's comment about how the rumor itself was rubbish, by responding as though the rumor had merit.

It doesn't surprise me he got disagrees because he should have commented directly to the statement that the rumor was BS.

showtimefolks2364d ago

I want MS to do that and see how well their system sells. MS got lucky early on but than they went all casual on us. If they want my business and they have this stupid thing than keep it. So what this means is i can not ask my friend to lend me a game?

do it MS just to see how big of a fail it would be

gotgame19852364d ago

man do you really think microsoft is that dumb? you are just saying do it cause you think sony won't follow the same strategy, You do know that all 3 companies were for SOPA? so what makes you think Sony wont consider this, they are the ones who already won't let you play used games with out downloading and paying for a code. If microsoft is considering this they would've done the same?

stubbed_out2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

Completely agree. It's a complete waste of money spending on overheads when you can distribute via online order, which is wiping the floor with high street retail. Same with the main electronic entertainment stores like HMV and Zavvi, completely screwed when their main competitor now comes from the likes of Amazon and the iTunes store.

ps...I would love it if they could keep brick and mortar afloat but its really more of a romantic though, more feasible to rub out the waste first.

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Kichiguy2365d ago

It's not just the UK though. Gamestop is planning on going out of brick and mortar completely. Over here in the States, they do really well.

life doomer2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

What's with the really stupid headlines on n4g recently?

Kichiguy2365d ago

Sorry, not completely, but they've stated that they have plans to remove all stores from Europe. We're trying to find out about America now.

TheBeast2365d ago

That tweet wasn't from GameStop...just a random tweeter...

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