63 percent of US population now plays video games.

While most of the press reporting on games focuses on the more sensational and negative aspects of the hobby, the NPD Group has just released Expanding the Games Market, a report that shows that an increasing number of people see gaming as a viable and fun hobby. The report also notes that while gaming might be a more isolated activity for the "hardcore" market, most gamers use their hobby as a way to connect with their friends and family.

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PS3PCFTW3650d ago

wait wheres the xbot that said video games are a minority in order to back up his even more ridiculous proxbox post?

50 dollars says he doesnt post in here

ddldave3650d ago

damn the video gaming industry is growing so fast. wait until 2024 when ps5 and xbox 1000 comes out, budget for games will cost as much as movies like spiderman and transformers.

BrotherNick3650d ago

Too much risk...notice the huge budgets for games, and their likelihood to's more likely that the marketers knowing they made a mistake will pay for good reviews so it sells.

Noodlecup3650d ago

Great news for the gaming industry, but it doesn't sit too well with the alarming obesity rate in America.

TwissT3650d ago

Thats a big percentage for the U.S I really want to know the percents in Canada, North America and The World itself, must have some interesting numbers.