AP: 'Conan' game delivers fists of fun (4 out of 4 stars)

The Associated Press - Ron Harris, Dec. 12, 2007:

"Overall, it's probably the best, most engaging game I've played all year. Even the cut scenes are works of art. 'Conan' shows what game developers can deliver if they truly commit to a project and pay attention to details necessary to bring an iconic figure like Conan to life."

Four out of four stars.

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ruibing3752d ago

I am really curious to what his second most engaging game is, but it's always good to see people enjoying games.

ErcsYou3752d ago

he doesnt mention a second most engaging game because conan is obviously the only game he has ever played

DRUDOG3752d ago

Bubbles to ercs you for making me laugh. Conan? WTF?!? Who the hell is this guy (no, I don't really want to know he the hell he is)? Conan? WTF?

sonarus3752d ago

conan are you kidding me. This is why gaming impressions should be left to the professionals

THE_JUDGE3752d ago

and this person must have been born yesterday to give it a score like that. I played through the demo once and the fighting a graphics were so weak and sad, I deleted it when I finished.

Polluted3752d ago

Jesus Christ. For real? That game sucks. If this is the most engaging game he's played all year I'm guessing he spent the last 11 months playing Horsez.

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The story is too old to be commented.