Why The Game Industry Is Smarter Than Hollywood – And Must Stay That Way To Survive

In Hollywood, there aren't any small players that can act independently from the rest. "There are hundreds of independent filmmakers," the studios would say. But who must those filmmakers work with to ensure that us, the viewing public, are aware their films exist? "The Internet is changing everything," is another gimmick you hear. In truth, Hollywood has sunk their teeth into that as well.

But the video game world is different. It's not corrupt by dispersion and multiple core competencies. Game developers (and some of the billion-dollar publishers) actually care about the quality of the entertainment they produce. The list of must-play games released each year far exceeds the number of must-watch movies or TV series.

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raub3815d ago

thought this was an interesting outlook on the entertainment industry...

name3815d ago

EA-Activision Blizzard

That is all.

Maddens Raiders3815d ago

talk about entertainment......

Mr Marbles3815d ago

hollywood sucks, they are all Bush hating America bashing liberals, and that is fine, but if you want to produce a diverse array of entertainment you need a diverse group of talent. They are all the same and they all think the same, and right now they are all thinking up nothing but CRAP to put on the big and small screen.

SaiyanFury3815d ago

Video games better than Hollywood's movies and network television these days? Nooooo, I can't see that...pff, yeah right. TV and movies have been on the down and out for at least half a decade now, and with larger budget games like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Assassin's Creed, and a myriad of others, I'm hoping Hollywood's days are numbered. Games are superior to those other entertainment mediums by a large margin.

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