THQ drops family video games, aims for the hardcore gamer

THQ has announced that the company would be readjusting its focus more on the hardcore games, and would be eschewing family games. This shift in focus was the result of sales in the past few years.

This strategy ostensibly arose from the failure of the company's ambitious uDraw, as well as the poor sales of its recent family games including such licenses as Avatar, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more recently, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat and Puss in Boots.

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snipes1012513d ago

Microsoft should be taking notes here.

JonahFalcon2513d ago

Difference: Microsoft is SELLING games. THQ ISN'T.

18M Kinect purchases can't be wrong.

MariaHelFutura2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

For who? Them.... NOT us. A lot of the core gamers could give 2 sh!ts about Kinect at this point. The only core gamers who LOVE Kinect are hardcore 360 fanboys, who love anything that has to do w/ the 360.

sikbeta2513d ago

It's not black or white, look this way, sell crap to casual, gets money, funds core games, win/win situation

MariaHelFutura2513d ago


I hear that and I hope the same thing. But its been a year MS made a killing from Kinect and they have not boughten a 'core games' studio since then. But, yes I really hope that is what they choose to do w/ their $$$. But in reality (business side) I could see them investing it all back into Kinect.

snipes1012513d ago

Yes, the Kinect can't be wrong...for the casual crowd. Minus "The Gunslinger" and maybe "Child of Eden," the kinect has almost nothing to offer the core gaming crowd.

The even bigger sin is that they have Rare, the people who COULD be bringing us another Perfect Dark (yes, I know the original PD's dev team isnt around anymore) or even Jet Force Gemini is forced to make casual party titles.

I really hope THQ is being sincere. They have a unique resume of games like Broken Sword, Darksiders, the Metro games, Full Spectrum Warrior, Red Faction, Titan Quest, a variety of War Hammer games and a variety of others that appeal to the core crowd.

THQ need not waste its time on the casual crowd that only really see the Kinect, Playstation Move, or the Wii as a novelty. Core gamers have loyalty, casual ones do not (IMO).

ShaunCameron2513d ago

@ Sikbeta

It worked for Ubisoft. If it wasn't for Rabbids and Just Dance, there wouldn't be any Assassin's Creed.

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SKUD2513d ago

I'm more then ok with this strategy.

Ultr2513d ago

BOOM THQ now I want to see some vita-titles! :)

red faction for vita??!! yay! :D

JonahFalcon2509d ago

They've already confirmed they'll support the Vita. No titles announced as of yet.

Ultr2509d ago

Oh thanks, did not know that. Cant wait to see some :)

manman62513d ago

Wish them luck. They are going to need it.

sikbeta2513d ago

Funny thing is that they're going down thanks to that POS u-draw thing that bombed so hard in the HD consoles, ironically that thing sold s***loads and made money for them when it was released for the wii lol

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