Jaffe: What he wants to see from rumored God of War IV game

Twisted Metal co-director and former GoW director David Jaffe weighs in on God of War IV rumors.

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StraightPath2311d ago

With Zelda formula God Of War game will be more in depth. But dunno Zelda games are pretty large games so dont think it will fit nicely with a hack and slash.

MariaHelFutura2311d ago

Darksiders is pretty much that.

NewMonday2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Batman Arkham City is the best game to use the Zelda model.

for GOW it will be about making all the levels connected, agree this should be the next step for GOW.

and use another Myth and a new character, the Kratos story is done, any more is over indulgence.

Solid_Snake372311d ago

I think he means multiple games set in a different time/universe

LarVanian2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

You know I would honestly prefer it if Sony SA just leave GOW and start a new IP. I feel they gave Kratos a good send off with GOW 3 and I can't really think of how much further they could go with the series, especially now that almost all major/interesting Gods and Titans are dead.
Rather than bringing Kratos to Asgard to fight the Norse gods they should just make a game about Thor or Heimdallr. Honestly what business would Kratos have in Asgard? Why would he, for some reason, want to start a war with the Norse gods? His beef with the Greek gods was justified as they seriously screwed him over throughout the series, but the Norse gods haven't exactly done anything to him.

Simon_Brezhnev2311d ago

I wouldnt mind another GOW but i want a new IP more. Their the only major Sony studio without a new IP this generation.

Hozi2311d ago

GOW3 was their first PS3 release. Idk if they even made another game for the console yet.

Simon_Brezhnev2311d ago

Yeah i know GOW3 was their first release for PS3 im just saying they need a new IP like other sony studios. Their also the only studio with one game this generation.

NewMonday2311d ago

they can go Asgard and use an original character like they did with Kratos.

hazardman2311d ago

It just better be GREAT!!

telekineticmantis2311d ago

now back at me, back at Kingdom of Amalur, the formula I've been talking about seems to work, if you put enough thought and effort into it, an open world yet VERY streamlined GOW, and yes having Kratos have branching stories from maybe future decendants of KRatos or whatever is a good Idea, aswell as letting JAffe help Kreate some of these games.

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The story is too old to be commented.