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Jaffe: What he wants to see from rumored God of War IV game

Twisted Metal co-director and former GoW director David Jaffe weighs in on God of War IV rumors. (God of War 4, PS3)

GamingTruth  +   1350d ago
i agree
StraightPath  +   1350d ago
With Zelda formula God Of War game will be more in depth. But dunno Zelda games are pretty large games so dont think it will fit nicely with a hack and slash.
MariaHelFutura  +   1350d ago
Darksiders is pretty much that.
NewMonday  +   1350d ago
Batman Arkham City is the best game to use the Zelda model.

for GOW it will be about making all the levels connected, agree this should be the next step for GOW.

and use another Myth and a new character, the Kratos story is done, any more is over indulgence.
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ChiVoLok0  +   1350d ago
Gross, Zelda.
Solid_Snake37  +   1350d ago
I think he means multiple games set in a different time/universe
LarVanian  +   1350d ago
You know I would honestly prefer it if Sony SA just leave GOW and start a new IP. I feel they gave Kratos a good send off with GOW 3 and I can't really think of how much further they could go with the series, especially now that almost all major/interesting Gods and Titans are dead.
Rather than bringing Kratos to Asgard to fight the Norse gods they should just make a game about Thor or Heimdallr. Honestly what business would Kratos have in Asgard? Why would he, for some reason, want to start a war with the Norse gods? His beef with the Greek gods was justified as they seriously screwed him over throughout the series, but the Norse gods haven't exactly done anything to him.
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1350d ago
I wouldnt mind another GOW but i want a new IP more. Their the only major Sony studio without a new IP this generation.
Hozi  +   1350d ago
GOW3 was their first PS3 release. Idk if they even made another game for the console yet.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1350d ago
Yeah i know GOW3 was their first release for PS3 im just saying they need a new IP like other sony studios. Their also the only studio with one game this generation.
NewMonday  +   1350d ago
they can go Asgard and use an original character like they did with Kratos.
hazardman  +   1350d ago
It just better be GREAT!!
telekineticmantis  +   1350d ago
Look at Kingdom of Amalur, now look at GOW
now back at me, back at Kingdom of Amalur, the formula I've been talking about seems to work, if you put enough thought and effort into it, an open world yet VERY streamlined GOW, and yes having Kratos have branching stories from maybe future decendants of KRatos or whatever is a good Idea, aswell as letting JAffe help Kreate some of these games.
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dorron  +   1350d ago
Does he mean he wants a God Of Darksiders game? It could work...
WillGuitarGuy  +   1350d ago
I was about to say the same thing. lol.
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ovhaum  +   1350d ago
A game with the descendants of Deimos: Aristos and Kratos.

Red orbs will not be a problem to these two, since they have more red orbs than 200 people combined.
Hozi  +   1350d ago
Next GOW game should feature Kratos becoming an elder deity(like Athena Became) We need to know what happened to the world, seeing as how there was utter flooding and destruction with the falling of the Gods(Poseiden, Zeus, etc.)

and it should feature some other Demi Gods who are rising up to take reveng on Kratos for killing the Gods (Zeus especially)
Dipso  +   1350d ago
Would love to see Santa Monica take on Celtic mythology, a rich lore that goes largely ignored by the gaming industry. 2000AD's Slaine would be a great IP for a God of War game, but that will probably never happen since Rebellion own all the 2000AD ip's...and bizzarely do very little with them. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
smashcrashbash  +   1350d ago
Why do people go on about Kratos's 'send off'? He wasn't dead. So it is easy to make another game about him. All he has to do is fight the higher versions of all the Gods he killed. If Athena can transcend normal godhood more so for powerful gods like Zeus.
DaPrintz  +   1350d ago
Anyone that believes Jaffe hasn't already seen the game running, wake up. Hell I'm sure he's played the most recent build. Stig was on his original team and is no doubt in constant contact with him. I would be surprised if what he "would like to see" wasn't already a major part of how this game will play. Sure Darksiders was pretty successful with this formula, but infused with this iconic series(GoW).... Its win/win

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