Wii U 'twice as powerful as Xbox 360'

Nintendo’s next generation hardware will be roughly twice as powerful as Microsoft’s current system, the Xbox 360, according to a studio source speaking to Develop.

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fooxy2341d ago

Which means you still getting hardware that was good around 2008 for premium price

admiralthrawn872341d ago

and what's funny is its roughly the same power as the new xbox. it might be the difference between a 360 and ps3. so you'll have to make the same negative comments about all next gen systems

FriedGoat2341d ago

What is funny is you have no idea what is in the new xbox and it is all just speculation.

Solid_Snake372341d ago

I actually expected more for a console released in 2012

darthv722341d ago

what's even funnier is that if its 'twice as powerful as Xbox 360' it would be twice as powerful as a PS3.

The 360 and PS3 are more alike than they are different. Bluray format would be the real differentiating factor between the two.

So theoretically if the Wii-u is more powerful than one then it would be just as more powerful than the other.

dark-hollow2341d ago

Why every wii u rumor is treated like a fact here?

PC_Enthusiast 2341d ago

Because alot of people in here are dumb and believe anything that they're being told!!

torchic2341d ago

like I said before, folk on N4G are like sardines. easy to catch

ChickeyCantor2341d ago

What dev kit?
How are the metrics calculated?

dericb112341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

They got that info these. They sell them online for $19.99. Its call a "Random BS Generator". Whenever you need to make something up on the fly it does the job for you. Most one bubbles have them.

admiralthrawn872341d ago

this unknown random site makes random claims from an unknown dev. lol yeah that sure is credible. all the proof i need.

eldeladi2341d ago

Which means, Wii U is as powerful as the PS3.

ChickeyCantor2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago ) that why both of em struggled at 720p & < ?

GamingTruth2341d ago

struggled at 720 yet pc cant run our 720p exclusives at any p

kramun2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )


We don't need to, that's why we have consoles as well. For everything else, there's the pc to play it on with all the bells and whistles we don't get with our consoles.

It would be great to play the console exclusives with no limit on graphic capability but it isn't a perfect world. If it was, everything would be playable on pc. And moddable.

But sadly we have to play those games on limited hardware. Ho hum.

GamingTruth2341d ago

with no limit? yeah it would be nice, the only way youd be able to play ps3 exclusives would be in the form of a cutscene on your pcs it surely wouldnt be realtime, limited hardware that produces graphics that your pcs wish they could produce

chanmasta2341d ago

GamingTruth, you really have no idea what you're talking about.


NiKK_4192341d ago

I thought GamingTruth was just trolling, but then I saw his comment history and now I think that he's just that out of it.

chanmasta2341d ago

Yeah, he actually PM'ed me too... I couldn't understand it; it was just a bunch of words strung together.

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iNFAMOUZ12341d ago

exactly dont know why u got disagrees

Dread2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

based on your ridiculous claim, i can also say that the original xbox must have been at least four times as powerfull as the playstation 2.

SoundGamer2341d ago

New Xbox is rumored to be six times more powerful than the 360. So what you're telling me is that Nintendo's next gen system will once again be considered last gen quality in a few short years? Nice....

AWBrawler2341d ago

even if it is that just means they will be laughing their way to the bank again talking about how the other 2 thought power alone was enough