IGN's Unreal Tournament 3 review: 'a must-own game on PS3'

If you've never played Unreal Tournament before, this is a must-own game on PS3. It's still the most frantic, engrossingly intense first-person shooter formula out there and even after eight years still proves to be wildly entertaining. It certainly helps that Epic has done a terrific job of making this game run on PS3, as well as provide tons of server filters, customization options, and input alternatives that you typically don't see in a console game. The interface for accessing all these options and browsing servers may be a little clunky, but that hardly diminishes the unique brand of gameplay UT offers.

Overall score: 9/10

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TANOD3939d ago

now is the time to own a ps3

ratchet,uncharted and UT3 --3 AAAs in a row

Fantastic. Hopefully PS3 HW sales will rise to 1m in DECEMBER in USA

neogeo3938d ago

Eat that 360, because you will never see your version of this game looking so sweet.

Gears of what???

nanometric3938d ago

When he says that gears looks better than UT3... now that is definition of denial!!

jcgamer3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

go read the review

EDIT: Disagree if you want, but I take comfort in the fact that the IGN Gears of War review is set in, a 10...fanboys get mad when you hit em' with the TRUTH...

Shankle3938d ago

Hah! Even epic claim that UT3 looks better! The score difference is due to the fact that gears was out a year ago, and also PS3 games always get lower comparative scores. They gave the same graphics score to super mario galaxy and ratchet and clank. It's not that SMG is ugly, but come on!

jcgamer3938d ago

A bunch of fanboys...why even bring up Gears...Gears of what? oh really? It's like that? Don't make me laugh...look better, sell better, better, better, better...why can't you dudes just enjoy the game...

Edwin19893938d ago

why bring up gears? well it's from the same developer, it uses the same engine etc etc

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TANOD3939d ago

buying this on the 15th

beast3939d ago

Ign 1st year consoles exclusive for ps3


More 9 and above exclusives than xbox 1st year

TANOD3939d ago

next year is ps3's year


However even in terms of WW sales PS3 is beating x360 which is good

skinzfan3938d ago

That is a really good point.

jackdoe3939d ago

That's cool Really goes to show that PC and PS3 version are similar. PC version also got a 9.0 on IGN. I just hope Epic cranks out a version 1.1 patch for those clunky menus soon.

Jamegohanssj53939d ago

Good day Beast. I can't wait to get this game this week hopefully, but the funny thing about it is I won't play it until Christmas more than likely.

beast3939d ago

I cant wait to have u on board. check your friend list.