Armored Core V: The trophies

The trophies list for Armored Core V.

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_Q_2149d ago

Sometimes I feel like the only AC fan ever. I've never met anyone in person(other than my bro) who have enjoyed the games. Hope this one isnt so....automatic??

CandyCaptain2149d ago

LOL, you and me both, brother. (Honestly, my situation is the exact same way, only me and my bro.)

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2149d ago

There are tons of fans, just look for otakus, they eat mecha games up.

Dark_Overlord2149d ago

I'm a fan of the AC games, own all of the PS1/2 games released in europe (except last raven, never could find a shop that sold it)

MariaHelFutura2149d ago

The demo is on the JP PSN store.

Captain Qwark 92149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I hear ya man, i see other fans online but im pretty sure im the only fan in buffalo ny.

upside though, i played the jap demo, AC5 is sick.

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