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Media Create hardware sales (1/16 – 1/22)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Fernando Rocker  +   1348d ago
Vita = Doomed

Also... WipEout 2048 bombed really hard. Not even in the Top 20.
GribbleGrunger  +   1348d ago
and you seem really happy. why?
Fernando Rocker  +   1348d ago
It's nice to see people eating crow after all the things they said about the 3DS.
darthv72  +   1347d ago
3ds, ps3, wii, vita, psp, dsi/ll all declined while the ps2 and 360 increased...?

That is the surprising part.
hellzsupernova  +   1347d ago
LOL you do realise the launch lineup wasnt really geared towards Japan just wait until Gravity Daze and other Japanese targeted games arrive.

ps i didnt bash the 3DS when it launched.
sikbeta  +   1347d ago
Do you realize Japan was the only country where PSP was/is selling great while in any other place is pretty much dead, IF it's doing bad in Japan, how do you think is going to do in other countries where Portable gaming is not as hot as home consoles?
hellzsupernova  +   1345d ago
Dude itll be all good once they get a monster hunter on it and Gravity Daze itll pick up have faith.
moparful99  +   1347d ago
I hope you lose some bubbles after a comment like that.. You are so bent out of shape over comments that people made over the 3ds and your answer is to do the exact same thing?? That's the epitomy of hypocrisy...
Fernando Rocker  +   1348d ago
According to Media Create, the last place in the Top 20 was Go Vacation (Wii) with 5,460 units...

So... WipEout 2048 (Vita) sold way less than 5,000. It was in the "just wait until" list that you Sony fanboys always talk about.
GameTavern  +   1348d ago
I don't think going around kicking folks when they are down is the best attitude to have in life.

It also closes the door for possible rational discussion.

Like what Sony can do to turn around their fortunes in Japan. Or how long they can sustain this without doing or saying anything publicly.
Fishy Fingers  +   1348d ago
Ahh let him have his fun, clearly Nintendo is failing too do so for him.
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Jobesy  +   1348d ago
@Gametavern, I don't think being "down" or happy over video game sales are good attitudes to have in life. People shouldn't let such silly things affect them.
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ozstar  +   1348d ago
Rationality / Videogame Forums

KeybladeMaster  +   1348d ago
Try harder troll. Bye, bye to your bubbles.

We all know that most Vita games are being sold digitally.
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GameTavern  +   1348d ago
No we don't.

There's no solid proof of what the sell-through of digital games are.

Until Sony or someone comes out and state a solid number or %, its just hearsay from either side of the table. And grasping at straws.
GribbleGrunger  +   1348d ago
like i said a while back, if digital distribution on the Vita takes off then it will be a victim of it's own success because retail game sales will be a lot less. expect months of this nonsense
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rexbolt  +   1347d ago
those prob are the sales combined.
sikbeta  +   1347d ago
We got it, you're a NDF member and laughing about a dead portable from a Nintendo competitor makes you feel better, right?

Don't worry, the rest of the world keeps giving less than a f*** about portable gaming while switch to casual smartphone gaming and soon enough every I-POS device will eat up all the portable gaming market of Nintendo lol

Even if I don't like this, there is nothing to do, thank God, Android and W-phones are in the market to battle against Apple, so when nobody gives a s*** about portable consoles, Apple will not run a Monopoly :D

I have nothing against Nintendo, I'll sure buy a wii-u because is a next gen system I'm asking for long ago, but portables are going the way of the dinosaur, the Future is not Portable, the Future is about HW ans SW Ecosystems


That's not true at all, Japanese don't care about dd games, they value their physical games more because they can sell them after they finish, also stores make discounts on games so there is not much differnce between physical and dd, Vita is bombing and you can't deny that
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klecser  +   1348d ago
And so nothing changes

Gamer A: This is proof that your machine sucks!

Gamer B: No its not.

(Enter rabble-rousing and tomfoolery)

I mean, seriously, its the SAME CONVERSATION EVERY WEEK.
Razongunz  +   1348d ago
my, my. 15k vitas looks dangerous, i personally don't really care much for the numbers, i like the vita and i look forward to the ststem launching outside japan on feb 22nd.

but with this low japanese sales its gonna be iteresting to see what sony does looks like they'll be forced to do the same as nintendo did.

i'm expecting around a 300k atleast in sales when it launch worldwide tough, so we'll see what happens :)
NewMonday  +   1348d ago
and Nintendo seems to have cornered the market with 3rd party games popular in japan, only FF10 is left for the PSV. and even that will be available for the PS3.

hopefully this will drive Sony to expand 1st party studios in Japan, and we can get a new generation of hits and more games like Gravity Rush.
DC1980  +   1348d ago
Jeez, people in Japan still buying the 360?
GraveLord  +   1348d ago
Those are RROD replacements. :D
DC1980  +   1342d ago
MasterCornholio  +   1348d ago
Well I remember when the press bashed the 3DS like crazy and the poor fanboys were suffering heavily because of it. And now due to low sales of a competitors product they are bashing it like crazy. What comes around go's around so don't complain if the 3DS gets bashed again by fanboys for whatever reason.

I choose not to meddle in the petty affairs of fanboys because in the end all it does is make you look stupid.

BTW in still getting a Vita :-D

JoeReno  +   1348d ago
Well said Cornholio +1 bubs
SpitTake  +   1348d ago
Conholio you we're one of the people screaming 3ds is doomed
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1347d ago
Cornholio was one of the few users here who didn't spell doom-and-gloom for the 3DS during it's launch period. Sure, he offered criticism, but at the time it was warranted. And if he did make those type of comments then I never saw them.
KonaBro  +   1347d ago
LOL Sad.
"You guys picked on us when the 3DS obviously made horrible decisions so now we get to troll the Vita! Nya Nya!"

That's how you guys sound like right now. The 3DS got hate for good reason. It was Nintendo trying to be greedy by charging $250 for a system that had no compelling software and did very little to distinguish itself from its previous iterations. The Vita was praised for bringing all of its tech to the affordable price of $250. Once the 3DS dropped price like it should have been, people automatically turned on the Vita saying it was a blunder.

The reason the Vita isn't selling in Japan is because it has no compelling hardware that appeals to the Japanese. It's to be expected. I expect the Vita to do better worldwide in the short term due to the more western friendly launch lineup. Vita isn't doing well but you trolls have to remember that your precious 3DS was in the same boat not a few months ago. People with glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Also before someone tries to call me out, I own a 3DS which I bought at $250. Doesn't mean I have to have a rosy opinion of Nintendo.

tl;dr: Stop trolling the Vita. Nintendo was in the same boat.
ozstar  +   1347d ago
Fine, but NOBODY once said that it was "price" specifically as the reason for their complaint.
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tiffac008  +   1347d ago
The price is actually the main ammo used against the PS Vita but the funny thing is, it wasn't the fans that made it that way.

It was the "gaming media"
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rexbolt  +   1347d ago
no the 3ds wasent selling this bad o.0 this thing goes down every week the 3ds wasent forced a unoffical price drop b retailers ether
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1347d ago
the price drop saved the 3ds its like a new psp with nintendo games nothing else
the vita is gonna success like the psp and the ps3
Droid Control  +   1347d ago
M$ are a joke in Japan. Why are they still even bothering?

M$ better not do a WW launch with the 720 like they did the 360. Gamers in Europe were going hungry while the japs let their 360's mount up in unbrought piles.

If M$ decide to release the 720 over there, they should launch 6 months to a year later.Take care of America and Europe first. Make sure that everyone that wants one can get one.
CaptainofCrush  +   1347d ago
Vita is in the classic chicken and egg scenario though at the moment - software can't sell well because the base is still tiny, and base is still tiny because the software isn't selling well (yet).
GribbleGrunger  +   1347d ago
but we have no way of knowing that. the Vita Memory cards sold out in Japan which tells any sane person that a lot of people have bought into online distribution. we can banter for hours about this. you can call me a fanboy, delusional or just plain stupid, but the fact still remains: we can no longer judge software sales by retailers only.

for instance, Braid sold over a million copies. how do we know this? was it sold at retailers? if the devs themselves hadn't revealed the number we could argue it sold nothing. look at Angry birds or any other PSN/LIVE game. should we consider all of them flops simply because we don't get any firm figures? you can't ignore this.
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