Failures From the Future: Potential Disasters for 2008

Gamedaily writes, "There is a special machine in the bowels of the GameDaily office that secretly harnesses the processing might of all the computers and console systems of the world (take THAT [email protected]) in an effort to predict the future. It still hasn't done anything useful like give us stock tips or lotto numbers, but we still believe in it. So, we fed all the gaming news we could find into the system and asked it to predict potential disasters in 2008."

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gamesblow3845d ago

This whole thing was mindless... These idiots need to be kicked in the TIP OF THE D*CKS... all of them.

ruibing3845d ago

I don't know, I thought it was a pretty good list since each thing they listed makes sense. Though I wish their title wasn't so melodramatic, it does seem like potential problems for next year.

smirx3845d ago

to see an article on gaming in 08' that didn't particularly trash any "one" system. All in all, it was just for fun. I held my breath, expecting to see them predict the death of the PS3. To my delight, they didn't sink that low.

Astro3845d ago

All Sony games have disaster written all over it. I'm gonna laugh so hard when Killzone gets 6's and 7's from all the Internet because, as everybody with brain should know, it's a mediocre franchise.

ruibing3845d ago

Did you even look at the first thing they listed as a potential (and I use the word lightly) disaster for next year?

gamesblow3845d ago

i enjoyed Killzone, myself... I thought it was pretty much the best FPs I had ever played up until Resistance. Sure it had some things wrong with it, but I thought as far as presentation goes... Killzone was tops. It was way too hard and too long, though. < That didn't sound good.... did it?

ps3FTW3845d ago

You and and all the trolls like you are the reason why Xbox 360 fanboys look bad you asshole.

iceice1233845d ago

Will never take off nothng new there. I also agree with Astro, except MGS4 won't flop, it is infact the only PS3 game that will not flop.

jackdoe3845d ago

Star Craft II may indeed get delayed until 2009, but I really doubt Half-Life Episode 3 will end in the same deus-ex machina way as Half-Life 2. It had better not. The episodes are the true ending to Half-Life 2 and not the lame cliffhanger one in the original. Valve wouldn't fvck up this second chance.

TwissT3845d ago

Super Smash Brawl gonna be a failure? I really doubt that, and if, by some act of a supernatural power it does flop in reviews, it will still have massive sales.

jackdoe3845d ago

I agree. I mean, it looks to be good old fashioned fun. However, if they tweak around with too much, some SSBM pros won't be able to do their "advanced techniques" such as wave dashing and all that other stuff.

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