Rumor: EA Considering a Colorado Dev Studio

Take this for what it is, a rumor in the truest sense of the word, rumblings, something most certainly not proven true... yet. Word has it that publishing and development behemoth Electronic Arts is weighing the idea of opening a development studio in Colorado, perhaps close to or in Denver.

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Fighter3751d ago

Didn't they just close down the Chicago branch?

ruibing3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Apparently climate and local culture is very important for game development...

Or I guess maybe it's just cheaper opening one in Colorado.

Bonsai12143750d ago

thats what i thought too. why close chicago (arguably their best internal studio) and open a new one...

Fototherapist3750d ago

so they can churn out more bad ports the Rocky Mountain way? It's a conspiracy man!