Playstation By The Numbers

The Bitbag writes, "Well here it is, straight from the horses mouth. Compare this with NPD and and see who was the most accurate. 1.5 Million Hardware Units Sold In November"

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gamesblow3839d ago

Ummmm, meanwhile back at the ranch...??? This is pretty pointless... It doesn't matter how many items are downloaded for free off the psn... They're free. People will dlown load anything just to have something to do. This also had very little to do with actual numbers from npd and vg charts or claims to back it up.

TANOD3839d ago

400% sales boost

PS3 went on to beat x360 in WW sales for NOVEMBER by as much as 60000 units

not bad

I expect the ps3 to beat the x360 by even bigger margin in December thx to very strong EU sales

tordavis3839d ago

You read wrong. PLAYSTATION hardware sales were 1.5 million not PS3 hardware sales. PS3 had 466K in sales for the month. L2R.

TANOD3839d ago

so in terms of WW sales PS3 murdered x360 by 60k --200k units

rofldings3839d ago

Another xbot who doesn't know there's a world outside of America.

razer3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Please stop spreading your lies. (just giving you a bad time by the way)

gamesblow3839d ago

I wouldn't say murdered... but yeah, they did beat the xbox 360 in total sales last month. Which is a start. I just hope we'll see those people buying the system by some actually games!!

R&CFTOD shot up from 230,000 to over 500,000 ... that was impressive. Uncharted had over 200,000 in sales for the week too. So, people are coming around.

TANOD3839d ago

so DEC NA sales and EU sales have gone up significantly as projected

TANOD3839d ago

Thats how u have 1.5 m ps3s WW in NOVEMBER vs around 1.2m x360s WW in NOVEMBER

so difference is 300k

PS3 wins by big margins in terms of WW sales

rhood0223839d ago

That is great news for the PS brand. It shows that the system is finding its groove and still without big name exclusives. Unfortunately on this site, the x-kiddies seem to think that NA is the entire world. Logic, such as worldwide sales, mean nothing. Nor does the fact that the PS brand is quickly becoming a global powerhouse. Instead, there will be numerous fanboys trolling this post bragging about NPD numbers.

Kaneda3839d ago

PS2 is still selling like hot hotdogs

rofldings3839d ago

Great news for Sony - it's a great way to recoup their losses on the PS3 until it takes off next year.

PSP + PS2 - PS3 = Not so bad. :)

Maddens Raiders3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

They're better than "not that bad".

PS2 + PS3 = King of Consoles.


rofldings3839d ago


I was talking in terms of profits. Aren't they losing money on PS3's - they can recoup those losses in PSP/PS2 sales + PSP/PS2/PS3 software.

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The story is too old to be commented.