Burnout Paradise Demo Gameplay Video

The Burnout Paradise demo dropped today and here is the gameplay footage to prove it.

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kornbeaner3722d ago

The sense of speed that this game shows is just amazing, can't wait for the retail version.

ShiftyLookingCow3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

hmm I think I sucked really bad yesterday, time to go back and play the demo again

peksi3722d ago

They've managed to build a perfect looking engine for free roaming and driving. How easy would it be to make a spin-off of some sort from that game.. like a driving / racing game, some gta clone etc.

XENOCIDE3722d ago

for a racing game to purchase ever since NFS: Most Wanted. Looks like this may be it.

MaximusPrime3722d ago

as a pro on all burnout series, i loved this demo!
I got the hand of power parking. i managed to get 100%.

Cant wait for the full game. This demo is the best demo ever.

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