UGO: Unreal Tournament 3 review

So begins a new era in online console gaming. Whatever else people want to say about Epic Games' PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3, it makes two undeniably noteworthy leaps forwards. The game supports both mouse+keyboard controls and user-created mods. Say what?! The game looks impressive and it somehow manages to deliver balanced gameplay despite offering a multitude of weapons, vehicles and other assorted pickups. But the PC-friendly capabilities - and hoped-for full-on cross-platform play down the line - represent a real step forward for online console gaming, which is a good thing for Epic as UT3 clearly still has a bit of work to do.

UGO gives Unreal Tournament 3 an overall rating of A-. Review by Adam Rosenberg.

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TUFFnNYC3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

A pretty good review. An awesome game. Now all Sony needs to do is advertise the crap outta this game, so much that we get sick of it like Halo's advertising.

jackdoe3844d ago

I did see a few advertisements, though they were pushing the "campaign" over the multiplayer aspect which is a mistake IMO.

fopums3844d ago



TwissT3844d ago

I want to see UT commercials EVERYWHERE this game needs to be shown to the public and make it seem like all gamers have to get this game.

jackdoe3844d ago

Epic will probably have to enable cross-platform play so PC gamers can actually find someone to play.

sheng long3844d ago

I saw an PS3 UTIII commercial today, it was actually pretty cool.

Rice3844d ago

The more i hear about this game, the more i want to take my money, out of my wallet and buy it, but of course its almost christmas so, f*ck.

TwissT3844d ago

A really good score the more I read about this game the more I want to play it.

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