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IGN: A Gay History of Gaming

A brief history of egalitarianism in games, and why non-traditional depictions matter. (Culture, Dragon Age 2, Fable, Industry, Mass Effect, PC, Persona 4, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

bub16  +   1162d ago
Call of Booty: Modern Gayfare

In the middle of the war zone they all come together and kiss behind the famous COD buses
specialguest  +   1162d ago
This subject has been covered many times
How about the subject that is completely ignored in gaming news/blogging media which is interspecies relationships, specifically human/animals?? I have 3 examples I could come up with on mind.

1. Bowser and Princess Peach
In the beginning, Bowsers intent on kidnapping Peach was to rule the entire kingdom. In later series(Paper Mario), he attempted to marry her.

2. Donkey Kong and Pauline
Donkey Kong is of prime mating age, and his primal instinct is so strong that the alluring scent of Pauline's female harmones causes Donkey Kong to break the species barrier and kidnap her for himself. Just like King Kong.

3. Bonk(from Bonk's Adventure) and Princess Za(a Dinosaur)
Bonk is probably the original "forever alone" with his giant indestructible head and infant body. No human female wants this freak of nature.

When Princess Za was captured, Bonk knew this was his only opportunity to risk it all and maybe, just maybe be loved. And thus began a journey to save the princess. At the end, he gets his kiss and "love is in the air". http://media.tumblr.com/tum...
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xJumpManx  +   1162d ago
Is this type of article needed. Its a video game who cares what their sexual orientation is.
Totoro17  +   1162d ago
I'm a gay gamer and have been all my life. I never really contemplated or expressed discern over a lack of gay characters because, well, I never thought it that important. That is until modern games with their deep story lines involving all variants and backgrounds including sexuality, race, religion and other mature topics brought into light (the recent Skyrim is very good example of this). Playing Skyrim as a gay character was amazing. I was able to marry a man (as I would like to in real life but am unable to legally) and in my fantasy world, I was not chastised or damned for being who I am. Like with most things, games are sometimes an escape from a cruel, unfriendly world...it's no different for us gays wanting to live a fantasy life of love and acceptance.
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Arts1000  +   1162d ago
At times being different really Blows .........

Especially when I get to the middle of a FANTASTIC game like God Of War and
I am forced to sit back and watch as Kratos as he makes love to all these beautiful women
I must say .... this is the time when I wish I were straight. ...... LIKE , this game really aint made for me . ......However ,

I have been gaming for a hell of a long time and WOW , I am shocked and delighted at what some developers are doing .
specialguest  +   1162d ago
Don't know if this would be any help, but just imagine those beautiful women were shemales haha.
Arts1000  +   1162d ago
I have a very good imagination I will see what I can do ...........
c1oudy  +   1162d ago
I don't really see why it should be brought up, I think the option should definitely be there in most, if not all RPGs, as the primary intention of that particular genre is to play whatever role you like, but I dont think there should be any fanfare or celebration that it has been included, it should just sort of be there without you even realising, naturally.
(Edit: not quite sure if what I meant to say is evident in this comment, but I don't really know how else to word it :P)
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