What does the success of Assassin's Creed mean?

Keith Stuart writes, "Ubisoft has revised its financial targets upwards in response to the success of Assassin's Creed. According to the clearly delighted publisher, the game has recorded worldwide sales of more than two and a half million in its first four weeks on the shelves - apparently making it the fastest-selling new video game intellectual property in the US ever. Having previously predicted sales of around three million copies in 2007/8, excited accountants have now upped expectations to five million."

"Why is this happening? What does the success of this fascinating yet flawed title say about the videogame industry?"

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skynidas3509d ago

it means that people dont really care that much about reviews

MK_Red3509d ago

1.Original titles can sell
2.Graphics are as important as publishing think they are

Two VERY VERY important and positive meanings / results but most importantly, the "Original" titles can "Sell".
Hope other publishers learn from this and start releasing new ips instead of countless mediocre sequels.

gamesR4fun3509d ago

Personally I think a lot of folks are drawn to the open sanbox sort of games. No doubt AC is a superbly crafted game offering a faithfully recreated world out of our own history to explore. I was blown away by the negative reviews after only a few minutes into the game but like millions now know its a pure AAA title.

MK_Red3509d ago

I'm 100 percet with you. Superb comment and bubbles for you :)

v1c1ous3509d ago

okami, uncharted, R&C, psychonauts etc etc....

deeznuts3509d ago

Don't discount R&C and Uncharted just yet. I saw from another link (but can't verify so correct me if I'm wrong) but R&C jumped to 500k sold just recently, I think it'll get an Xmas boost. Uncharted is selling a tiny bit slower but as the install base goes up it'll sell well IMO.

socomnick3509d ago

It means people buy crap games. I wish I had never purchased this sin of a game. Its a prime example of repetitiveness.

waldopepper3509d ago

It means that hype works and people will rush to buy the game just after release before waiting for a good average of reviews.

PS no I don't own it, but the impression I've got from forums is that lots of people were surprised how buggy it was despite the 'seriously, this is gonna be awesome' marketing hype-train and initial stellar reviews.

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The story is too old to be commented.