GameFly Improves - East Coast Distribution Center Open

If you are a GameFly customer, or have been thinking of becoming one, they have made their service much better by adding another distribution center located in Florida (thus now having both East and West coast covered). This may cut down shipping turn around time for East coast gamers to under a week.

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kurochi3812d ago

really isn't professional with their work. I was their member for over 2 weeks and I never got any of the games I wanted. Granted some of them were new, but I had a list of 20 games on my queue list and they didn't manage to send me one lousy game in a span of 2 weeks. Don't do business with them, plain and simple.

DraconWolfX3812d ago

Gamefly already has an east coast distribution center in Pittsburgh PA. This will definitely help people in the southeast though.

PacoDG3812d ago

It sucks, I remember them announcing the PA center, but since being a member for a pretty good while now, I have yet to see anything but California mailings.

ThisIsWaiting3812d ago

Since they opened up their distribution center in Pennsylvania the service has been nothing short of awesome.

Legend3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

This is a good indication of their growth as a company. Gamefly, while definitely lacking in their shipping and logistics department, saves me a ton of money every month. Let's hope their expansion helps to alleviate some of the shipping woes some of you all have expressed. While I have never had a problem with getting games, not getting the games that show up as available and are at the top of my queue can be a cause for confusion. Timing your returns seems to be the key to getting new releases.

jinn3811d ago

renting videogames is so old generation