Did Sony Accidentally Reveal God of War IV?

Dualshock Nexus: Recently Sony released a Tester Season 3 promo which showcased Santa Monica Studios. If you watch the video very closely you will see the Santa Monica team working on a God of War game, but could it be God of War IV? In this article we dive into the possibility that Sony may have accidentally revealed the game early.


This article has been updated with a statement made by Playstation Network Executive Producer, Kevin Furuichi; on the God of War clip shown in the Tester Promo.

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Abash2310d ago

I hope so, I cant wait for the next God of War

MAJ0R2310d ago

99% sure it is. Microsoft did the same thing with some video about a completely different subject than gaming, but had a Halo 4 poster appear in it.

tehpees32310d ago

Agree. Rumours have been going on too long for this one. I'm curious how this will follow from III.

Nevers2309d ago

"I'm curious how this will follow from III."

Something will make Kratos mad. Something will steal his powers away. He will need to travel through this and that to get the ultimate something or other. Then vengeance and somewhere in there a scene or two of well endowed ladies. There ya go, in a nutshell.

himdeel2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

For once Id like to start a God of War game and not get my powers taken away. That's got to be the single most frustrating thing for me in games like this. Give me more weapons and take downs specific to each weapon. Give me more armor and armor options. I want my Kratos to look feel and play differently from the next guy or gal playing him. This is how God of War should evolve.

KrimsonKody2309d ago

I think the only way to "get the ball rolling" in GoW4 would be;
A. Either a prequel,
B. A series of 'unseen/played' flashbacks,
C. A travel back in time & "change things" theme,
Or, hell,
D. Just bring Kratos back!

Athena is still alive, maybe she'll send him to Hades to overkill the gods...
Whatever the case, just give me more puzzles & blade-slinging

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delicia2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Cool, I commented this yesterday (about the video), let's see how this one turns out. Can't wait to see what they are doing with the story, and with the graphics.

BiggCMan2309d ago

Did you even read the updated story? It's old footage from God of War 3, and pretty obvious at that. It looks like a few areas from the game.

delicia2309d ago

@BigCMan yes I did, but even if it's a GoW3 footage, this season's The Tester is all about SM,plus the blurred screen, so they are making a new game, and that's quite good.

WillGuitarGuy2310d ago

That video editor needs more sleep. He forgot to blur some things. Nice find.

flavorbabies2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Whoever that editor is, if he/she did accidentally reveal GOW IV, he/she will probably lose their job...

asmith23062310d ago

The video editor might not even have known what God of War is. Just a guy/girl doing their job, I would blame Santa Monica for having development going on when there are cameras about.

Solid_Snake372310d ago

Or they did it on purpose....

SaffronCurse2310d ago

From the ps blog:

at 1:42.. left screen. thats kratos.. but… that place is not in any of the god of war games… is it?
could it be? a new epic god of war game?!!

Kevin Furuichi on January 24th, 2012 at 12:33 pm said:

Sorry, but that’s old cut footage from God of War III.

DrewPays2310d ago

Nawwwww.... GOD OF WAR 4 HERE WE COME !!!

MAJ0R2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

sounds like an excuse to me... but he could be telling the truth, except I doubt it because of all the GOW4 rumors swirling around.

Blaze9292309d ago

and you believe that? That's some REALLY old footage then to use for something so recent. Unless they the Tester promos...years ahead of release

gigreen2310d ago

Nothing at Sony happens accidently.

Me-Time2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Who let you speak!

I'm kidding. Although you were given mostly disagrees, I KNOW what you meant by that. Those disagree'ers should, too. But sometimes, comments aren't worth replying to. I just felt like explaining something, again.

TronEOL2310d ago

It's either the first of many Vita God of War games, or a new God of War for PS3.

Either way, I'm hoping they make the game more "meaty", if you know what I'm saying. God of War 3 was amazing, but I can't help but feel I wanted more.

Hopefully they add some Co-op style modes like Sigma 2 did for Ninja Gaiden, or add a 4-player survival mode with tons of chapters and such.

Hudahudahuda2309d ago

No, what they should do is make a 2 player fighting mode like the first part in the zeus fight, with several playable characters. If they do it well it would be all they need.

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