Rumor: Best Buy Sitting on Wii Stockpile

Kotaku writes, "Sources tell me that Best Buy is sitting on a stockpile of Wii which they plan to unleash on the line-waiting masses in the coming weeks. I assume this will be done as some sort of weekend event advertised in their weekly circular. Now the real question is how many of the people willing to sit on cold asphalt overnight will be doing it for themselves and how many will be doing it to turn around and sell the console on eBay."

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wiizy3749d ago

im not sure how. but now people can go pick up the hottest system once more

herculese13748d ago

my friend works at my local best buy and he said they have 150 Wii's sitting in the back that they will sell sunday morning when they open

americanGTA3748d ago

I hate best buy. THEY SUCK

JosefTor3748d ago

Why... they are creating a day for you to get a Wii if you really want it. Otherwise... some kids that can afford to sit around everyday and all day at Best Buy will get the Wii.

Birdman183748d ago

this is true. I work there and know exactly how many I have for sunday. we already have gameplans ready for all the customers coming in. right now, i am sitting on around 90. we dont suck because we are holding them. instead, we are putting them in our advertisement showing people WE HAVE THEM, instead of some people just giving up on picking this system up. so instead of us getting 10 or so a week for a few weeks, they held them all in anticipation of a big weekend. so not only do we win as far as a company, YOU win as a consumer because we can FINALLY take care of most of our people

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