November 2007 NPD Sales Data

This article covers NPD's sales data for console hardware and video game software for the month of November 2007. The article analyzes how the NPD reported results compare with expectations. Hardware and software sales were well ahead of expectations.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Did I bury the PS3 prematurely? I already sold it off and bought and XBOX 360. Thinking PS3 was dead for sure.

Coming here on n4g had me thinking 360 had sold like 1 million units and PS3 only 300k. Just kidding, that's not the reason why I did it.

I did it because of the game selection. Everything is lead developed on 360. So it's the better gaming machine.

TANOD3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

@lightning ---you never had a ps3 in the first place

PS3 sales have increased by as much as 4x from last month.

OCTOBER ps3 sales :- 120 000

NOVEMBER ps3 sales :- 466 000

ps3 outsold x360 by 160k in JAPAN

PS3 outsold the x360 by 200k in EUROPE

PS3 got outsold by x360 by 110k in US.

ps3 still beats x360 by 50k in worldwide sales


400% increase

FreedomReign3813d ago

Multiplats perform! Activision absolutely owned this month. Ubisoft performed really strongly.

Now where are those UT3 commercials?

DrWan3813d ago

Hardware problems.

Electronics shouldn't have hardware problems, my old Sony Trinitron monitor still works after 10 yrs, same goes for the younger PS2 and the older PS1. I hardly get broken electronics, and broken electronics scares me, so much damn hassel to take a piece of machine you paid so much for to mail back and wait for 3 weeks and then they mail you one, and play for half a year and repeat the damn process. and you are losing money on Live subscription on the weeks u can't play. Makes my head spins. Get the PS3, and i am done for the next 10 years. so much easier.

jiggyjay3813d ago

wow! 360 version of COD4 outsold the PS3 version 3:1! Its going to be stupid for third party developers to keep games exclusive to the PS3! Its going to be a very very bad move if MGS4 stays exclusive or FF13!

SOLDADO2063813d ago

when the price drop effect wears off then what?
Then a MS pricedrop after holidays, see ya wouldnt wanna be ya.

sonarus3813d ago

At lightning congratulations on ur 360. I already have both so i do enjoy from both sides. However next yr you will probably regretting the decision to sell your ps3 for a 360. MGS4, LBP, Killzone 2, GT5 and loads more. Only thing i see interesting on the 360 nxt yr is probably alan wake. however its all based on preference maybe the ps3 exclusives arent best for you but ppl thinking sony was dead was simply silly.

pwnsause3813d ago

DrWan i also agree, im not buying an xbox until their RROD problem disapears, for those that say it already did, no it didnt.

Mr Marbles3813d ago

Price drop, plus Uncharted, plus Christmas time and PS3 still comes in last place, PS3 will NEVER catch the 360, it just aint gunna happen.

WilliamRLBaker3812d ago

I dont agree things break this is a fact of life, acting like just because one of your monitors (which you probly dont use) still works after 10 years means nothing, If sony had such a marvelous track record then you better tell that to the millions upon millions last gen that has to buy multiple ps2's and had ps2s break after a year or 2.

And you better tell the same to the Ps1 owners back in 1995-2000, Sony doesn't have the best track record in the industry so stop acting like they do.

The 3rd Place3812d ago

"PS3 got outsold by x360 by 110k in US.

ps3 still beats x360 by 50k in worldwide sales"

The 360 outsold the PS3 by 304,000 in the US. That means the 360 outsold the PS3 by 254,000 units in worldwide sales. Though I suspect it is in fact much higher seeing as you pulled the European sales out your ass.

dragunrising3812d ago

Your expert professional analysis game me a boner...STFU fanboy

dragunrising3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Your expert professional analysis gave me a boner...STFU fanboy

Edit: Do you even know how to read? Thinking something is true doesn't make it so. Sorry that reality doesn't make much sense to you. Make sure you pass your math class Billy.

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power of Green 3813d ago

Wasn't that a Black Friday claim?.

SmokeyMcBear3813d ago

nope... thats claim all the little 360 trolls like to spew

TANOD3813d ago

120k in OCTOBER ---- 466k in NOVEMBER


Xbox is the BEST3813d ago

2:1 or being outsold by 300,000. Take your pick Bubbles

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Raider20003813d ago

I still can't believe total software sales--that's crazy!

Genuine3813d ago

It amazes me that the 360 had over 3 mil of the 4.3 mil total software units sold.

InMyOpinion3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Just tells us where developers are headed. Uncharted was nowhere to be seen.

MK_Red3813d ago

Wow, +110.89% for Rock Band. Rather surprising. The expected numbers don't usually differ that much.

Also, COD4 outsold Mario Galaxy? A PS3/360 M rated game outselling a E rated Wii game with Mario in it? Wow.

SmokeyMcBear3813d ago

yup.. like ive said time and time again, vgcharts is crap, it overestimated on both of the consoles, overestimated the 360 by 250k and the ps3 by 77k.. STOP USING VGCHARTS.. sheesh

TANOD3813d ago

120k in OCTOBER

466k in NOVEMBER


krik3813d ago

Actually vgchartz includes Canada while NPD is US only. Since Canada is about 10% of the NA sales, then vgchartz estimates are not that off.

VGC vs NPD (added 10% for Cananda)

DS = 1,578,957 vs 1,530,000 (over estimated by about 48k)
Wii = 1,157,936 vs 981,000 (over estimated by about 176k)
360 = 881,881 vs 770,000 (over estimated by about 111k)
PSP = 520,502 vs 567,000 (under estimated by about 48k)
PS2 = 547,176 vs 496,000 (over estimated by about 51k)
PS3 = 488,149 vs 466,000 (over estimated by about 22k)

So, the differences are pretty small. Only the 360 and the Wii seem to be way off (176k for the Wii and 111k for the 360). PS3, PS2, PSP and DS are pretty close.