Establishing pro gaming will take time, says Reif

Championship Gaming Series commissioner Andy Reif says that establishing pro gaming as sports entertainment is a long-term prospect.

In an interview with, Reif, who had been the Chief Operating Officer of the AVP Pro Volleyball Tour, says that any sports property takes a while to make money.

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razer3627d ago

is stop calling it a sport. Do Poker Players call Poker a sport? Do Chess players call Chess a sport??

Good luck with this, I think competitive gaming is overrated.. My interests in gaming come from playing it myself and not watching someone else do it.

nirwanda3627d ago

is find games that are suitable for an audience, televised sports for instance always have something to focus on like a ball or a if it's a race the leader or points in the track everyone going in the same direction so it easy to track progress and see who's winning

with an FPS everyone going all over the place and it's tough to film multiple screens doing different things to cover it properly live or even just watch

maybe beatem-ups could have a future as a sport but then again would people just watch a boxing match or wrestling instead,and with sports games people would just rather watch the sport