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A Final Fantasy VI remake this year for 3DS ?

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise and Square Enix is already starting the festivities with the reveal of a rather odd logo for the occasion.

Yet, this same logo seems to indicate which game Square Enix could be reworking for this year's celebrations. Could it be Final Fantasy VI ? (3DS, Final Fantasy VI, Square Enix)

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Hard to tell
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PamPoovey  +   1318d ago
A FF10 HD remake, a FF6 3DS remake.....are Square trying to ignore FF7 completly. I understand that they've said a FF7 remake is hard to do but come on, don't hold off on a fan requested thing for years then go a head and do remakes of other games instead....thats mean.
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floetry101  +   1318d ago | Well said
You are talking about a possible remake for one of the greatest games ever made. It can't be taken lightly. Why rush out a masterpiece for unforgiving fans? In fact, FFVII should probably never even be touched. Not to mention the fact that FFVI is arguably the better game and maybe the best in the series that few have actually taken the time to play.
Skate-AK  +   1318d ago
Nah I don't think any game is the greatest.
Dac2u  +   1318d ago | Well said
What!? There's no arguing, FFVI IS the greatest!

On a serious note, I agree with floetry, a remake of any of the great FF games can't be rushed. I'm not sure that I even trust SE to handle the task.
NewMonday  +   1318d ago
FF6 didn't get re-released(maybe just once recently) and remastered and re-made over and over like FF1-5. so many post FF7 fans don't know much about it, its only the 2nd best ever JRPG after Chrono Trigger.

imagine if they go all out and remake it with FF13 engine used for the FF10 remake. believe me it will blow your minds.
n4f  +   1317d ago | Well said
i rather have 6 than 7
n4f  +   1317d ago
beside wouldn't you rather see a ff7 on the strongest machine?(ps3 or wiiu?)
jc48573  +   1318d ago
hmmmm...wonder if they would consider releasing it on the Vita as well. I think they should remake FFV and FFVI before they even start thinking about remaking FFVII.
Kamikaze135  +   1318d ago
I agree. FFX is only being released because of all the PS2 re-releases and SE seems to want to do something over the top. SE also seems to be in the process of remaking all of the main entry FF games. I hope they're going to announce remakes of V and VI.....honestly, i don't care for which system, I just want to get my hands on a FFVI remake.
Mac is OK  +   1318d ago
Right, they have already made the FF I and II remake on the GBA plus III and IV on DS (also a different remake of IV on PSP). They have said they were waiting to see how current hanhelds do before remaking V, so I'm sure they'll continue doing them in order, and VII will probably come on the next generation of handhelds, unless they decide to make something especial for it and do it on consoles. The FFX one is not even a remake I think, just an HD port.
Kamikaze135  +   1318d ago
@Mac is OK

I remember reading that the only reason V and VI didn't get a remake for the DS or PSP was because they were having problems with the battle system. Not sure what that meant. My guess is that they've been working on it for a while and shelved it after they encountered some sort of bug or issue so they could concentrate on other projects. I guess now with the 25th anniversary, they have a reason to get back to them.
dark-hollow  +   1318d ago
Why not release ffx remake on 3DS then?
Slade  +   1318d ago
Companies do exclusives for a reason

why put something on a system that doesnt sell like vita ( lets be real, right now it isnt)? it doesnt make sense. Square knows that which is why the bulk of there support is 3ds exclusive.

dont be butthurt
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Godchild1020  +   1318d ago
If they are going to remake it, why not remake it for the Vita as well. I kn ow you can download it from the PSN store, but I would like to earn trophies.

JC48573 beat me to it.
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Slade  +   1318d ago
Companies do exclusives for a reason

why put something on a system that doesnt sell like vita ( lets be real, right now it isnt)? it doesnt make sense. Square knows that which is why the bulk of there support is 3ds exclusive.

dont be butthurt
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Godchild1020  +   1318d ago
I'm not "butthurt" I can download it on the PSN and play it on the Vita, so not mad or as you say "Butthurt" at all. I also have a 3DS, so I can play it on that as well.

The Vita has been out worldwide yet, so you can't say it doesn't sell until it's out worldwide and it been longer then 2 weeks of it's release.

Also if Square wants to maximize their sells they will release it on both platforms, like they did with FFXIII and XIII-2.
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TheColbertinator  +   1318d ago
Again? Squaresoft is now 10 feet under
SandwichHammock  +   1318d ago
wow, if this happens, and its not a PSV release as well, I might get a 3DS. I'm not kidding, though I wish I was.
meganick  +   1318d ago
This would be great. Do it Square.
gtxgamer2  +   1318d ago
make it for vita and 3ds
Chrono  +   1318d ago
I'd rather have FF6 remake than FF7.
eagle21  +   1318d ago
Last June, Square mentioned both V and VI for 3DS. It's coming.

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