GTA IV Rated by Australian Classification Board - Not 18+


"So Grand Theft Auto IV has now been rated by the Australian Classification Board. It is not as mature as we might have expected, but this is a good thing for Australia."

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MK_Red3748d ago

WTF!? Rockstar said they'll use new and more realistic blood and physics system plus real bullet reaction system and car run physics. Have they really toned down the game or is it just the Australian version?

techie3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Read - the title is a tad misleading. lol

MK_Red3748d ago

It may indeed just be the Australian version but the sad thing is I've heard from few people that the main game might have been a toned down due to fear of ban or AO rating.

techie3748d ago

But did you read the article...Australia is different.

MK_Red3748d ago

I did and I do understand the difference but as I said, I had heard a few disturbing things about the main version being toned down a bit compared to previous games, which hopefully isn't true :)

Mr_Kuwabara3748d ago

Dude did you read the article?

It clearly stated that they rated it 15+ because if they would've rated it 18+, then that'll be an immediate ban for the OZ folks.

MK_Red3748d ago

I did and as I said, the thing that actually worries me (and regardless of this news) is what I heard from someone about the main / global version being toned down as well for some inner publisher reasons.

Hope nothing gets censored in the end.
Say NO to censorship.

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jackdoe3748d ago

Hm, a lot of M rated games in the states are rated 15+ to 16+ overseas so this isn't that surprising. And just because it doesn't have Manhunt 18+ level violence doesn't mean this game won't be violent for those people that want to get their kill on.

Peekay3748d ago

Its must be pretty far along. Everythings hush hush though...

HB-Sauce3748d ago

We haven't heard a street date on this game but it's already getting rated by Australia?

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