Crysis Physic Demo - 3000 Barrel Explosion

Extreme 3K barrel Crysis physics demo.

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MK_Red3747d ago

Indeed. A really great engine. Hopefully we'll see more games based on CryEngine 2.

The part with Tornado of barrels and the barrel chair with one man on it were the best parts IMO.

Texas GMR3747d ago

it says alot about your graphics card.

Feihc Retsam3746d ago

I'd like to know the specs on the machine running that...

Either way, that should be child's play by the time the next generation of game consoles come out, let alone the next wave or two of PC hardware

TnS3747d ago

"i can't look more than 2 sec. direct into the explosion or my system will crash"


MK_Red3747d ago

I'm pretty sure my system will crash if I bring the Crysis disk anywhere near it let along running it and trying to do such crazy things.

iceice1233747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

downloading the demo now, just got this new comp a week ago.

Intel core 2 quad 2.4ghz(2)
640GB Hard drive
Vista... :(
8200GS-ya : /

Going to see how it runs before I decide to buy.

Damn that bad I was hoping I'd have a chance..oh well thanks.

moses3747d ago


Oh god, don't even bother trying it on a 8200 GS o_o. I have a 6800 GT 256, and I could only run the demo on 800x600 totally low :O...

Statix3747d ago

Many of you could probably actually do the same stuff as this guy is in this video. He's not rendering it in real time (which would be impossible to do with playable framerates even with today's high-end computers). He's rendering it frame-by-frame at a really low fps, and then speeding it up for the final video.

In other words, it's prerendered FMV.

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Daxx3747d ago


Now that's cool.

Bonsai12143747d ago

i'm surprised his system could run the 3000 barrel drop without any slowdown..

Warbletot3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

RSX can just fill in the polygons, while the cell works out where those polygons should reside during and after the explosion. Haven't you heard, the CELL is a physics power house.

m91058263747d ago

Uhhhh... Im not denying that the Cell is a physics powerhouse... but this was Crysis, as in PC...

Statix3747d ago

It's prerendered FMV (rendered frame-by-frame), that's why there's no slowdown. While he was actually rendering it, it prolly ran at like 0.5 frames-per-second or something.

m91058263746d ago

No, i can run similar demos on my rig. It's not pre-rendered, it's just a very efficient physics engine.

Statix3746d ago

The author himself says it's prerendered (check Youtube).

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The story is too old to be commented.