Resident Evil's Portable History

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has thrived on consoles, particularly Resident Evil 2 on the original PlayStation and then Resident Evil 4 on GameCube.

The series' portable games are a bit rockier. All of them have familiar Resident Evil staples like zombies, green herbs and familiar heroes and villains. The quality of these titles, though, is all over the place, from triple A experiences to sub par efforts most fans would turn up their noses at quicker than a rotting corpse.

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jc485732150d ago

I haven't bought a single portable RE evil game.

acemonkey2150d ago

lol neither did i......they dont look good on handles

supremacy2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

All this does is show the lack of resident evil games on Sony's portable machines.

However its too early to tell with the vita since thats not even out in most parts of the world, yet. Ironically, monster hunter which has been known as a major psp ip has quickly landed on the 3DS along with a resident evil game to boot.

I sometimes feel as if there might be a friction between Capcom and Sony. It was the same kind of treatment with the ps2, Capcom seem reluctant to release the goods on Sony's platform earlier on.

Resident evil, like final fantasy and tomb raider amongst others, were given life on Playstation. I just dont get the treatment.

The dreamcast had all the cool 2D fighters including a resident evil, what did the ps2 get? An experiment call devil may cry as well as onimusha, which arent bad, but you get my drift.

The gamecube launched a year later and right away got a remake of the first resident evil game, and an exclusive in resident evil zero and a sequel in 4.

Mind you, the ps2 was out a year after the dreamcast and a year before the gamecube with a larger install base than those two platforms and no resident evil love until it was demanded and grew old.

Capcom these days has taken a mainstream approach, so hopefully the vita is graced with some resident evil love. Heck a port of resident evil zero and Gamecube remake of the first resident evil game would do it for me.