Binary Domain - 'Assasination Attempt' Trailer

SEGA released a new five minutes Video of Binary Domain that contains some Cut-Scenes.

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Kal8532517d ago

Wow. That was really ugly.

Shackdaddy8362517d ago

Lol. WTF. They just randomly knew the general was a robot? How old were the people who wrote the script?

Croash2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

There's something that annoys me much more than that...Why would they kill him?
So these guys have just learned that robots live among them and they simply decide to wipe them all out?
For all we know, the general could have been a hero. And as that guy with the glasses said, he didn't even know about his mechanical nature.

Hell, just look at the first robot we see. He keeps asking "Why?" because he thinks he was, as a human, turned into a robot. It's not like he was meant to threaten humanity.
TL,DR : Some people discover they are robots. Humans aren't happy. Humans kill robots. What an awesome idea for a story!
Vanquish made more sense.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2517d ago

making too many assumptions based on this one scene. We don't know if they just found out or if they knew all along and are just playing dumb. Heck they could be aiding Amada (who is obviously a hollow).

Legionaire20052513d ago

Wow some seriously bad acting!!! If this is all the acting this game, then I am disappointed!!! If this was a movie it probably might have a good storyline, but acting could ruin the movie. I notice in many Japanese games I played, always bad English voice acting. It's no wonder why some people play games like Soul Calibur they change the voice acting to Japanese, cause it sounds better.