Sony Claims Neutrality Over Rock Band Patch

Gamers want cross compatibility in their guitar games. Even Red Octane says complete compatibility is inevitable, if the consumer demanded it. Consumers did demand it for Rock Band on PlayStation 3, prompting Harmonix to develop a patch that would enable support for Guitar Hero III's Les Paul controllers. The patch went through the submission process, but never made it out the door; Activision objected to its release and Sony Computer Entertainment America complied.

1UP's requests for comment from Red Octane and Activision have gone unanswered. But, where does Sony stand in all this? So far, the company isn't taking sides. "This is a matter that needs to be resolved between Harmonix/MTV and Activision regarding Intellectual Property," said a SCEA spokesperson to 1UP. "At SCEA, we of course want this resolved and to ensure the best possible gaming experience. We encourage MTV, Harmonix and Activision to discuss this among themselves so there can be an amicable resolution in the best interest of the consumer."

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toughNAME3634d ago

Microsoft paid off MTV...and RedOctane...and Activision...and YOU!

americanGTA3634d ago

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ruibing3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I'll do it after my last final tomorrow night. I can't believe I won't be able to use the GH guitar in Rock Band now.

thornh3634d ago

for the info my friend. My fingers will do the walking.

Also, I disagree with Sony's neutral stance. If a game company (Harmonix) wants to patch their game (Rock Band) and the patch is approved for distribution on the PSN by Sony where does another publisher (Activision) come into the equation? Activision is obviously threatening Sony in some way, which is completely unacceptable. To Sony I say, release the patch. True gamers will not allow Activision to forget this one.

lodossrage3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

This is a dispute between activision, harmonix, and mtv. So they have to take a neutral stance. If there is someone people should be mad at it's activision for stopping harmonix and mtv from releasing the patch.

Especially since the 360 version got the patch. This almost screams M$ pay off.

Not saying that M$ did pay them off. I am however saying given the circumstance, it sure as hell makes sense

name3634d ago

Why did they choose only the ps3 tho? =/

EZCheez3634d ago

Because the scenario is different for the 360.

I have heard though, and this is purely rumor mind you, that Activision is actually trying to get rid of compatibility for the 360.

Seeing as how Activision is being the real prick on this one, it's kind of hard to put it past them.

vaan3634d ago

I already have the GH3 Les Paul so I don't want to buy the rock band bundle. I just want to play the guitar tracks on some of the Rock Band songs.

It is strange that the 360 versions are cross compatible though. Smacks of MS money to me. Maybe Sony needs to get more scumbag like MS and bring out the cheque book.

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