Unreal Tournament III - PS3 over PC? Maybe

Sarcastic Gamer takes a look at Unreal Tournament III on the PS3 and PC to determine which will come out on top.

From the article: "The PC version UT III has a fairly distinct layer of cobwebs covering its online lobbies. I've read numerous reports of the number of people playing the game at any given time barely breaks one hundred. Globally. As in the entire planet Earth!"

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jackdoe3719d ago

I am extremely surprised that no one on the PC is playing UTIII, which is a shame. It is a fun multiplayer game.

The Dave3719d ago

Jennifer Lopez is hotter than Pamela Anderson?

JsonHenry3719d ago

No one is playing this on the PC? Maybe that is because Unreal Tournament is a "has been" to PC owners that console gamers are just now getting.

It is a shame. Consoles are so fun yet SOOOO behind the curve in terms of gameplay compared to what PC gamers have been enjoying for years.

the worst3719d ago

ps3 servers are packed
so go get a ps3
and join the madness

Statix3719d ago

I guess we'll have to reap the benefits of being way behind the curve by being able to play a AAA, 9+-rated game, with a much better community pool, then. Woe is us.

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fopums3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

maybe epic wiill free up the PC servers, send out a patch reduceing the gameplay speed so they can play against the PS3 crowd add a new server set or whatnot. at least this way they are not sitting in a lobby....

edit: yeah, either or. whatever it takes to make everybody happy

jackdoe3719d ago

Or they could make a patch increasing PS3 speed so PS3 owners could play PC owners. Gamespy allows for crossplatform play.

mikeslemonade3718d ago

Mouse or controller in UT3 for PS3 the game runs great. Anything faster would be no fun actually and I'm a fan of fast games like Resistance and COD4 was too slow for me after people said it was too fast.

xSithx3719d ago

I have been very surprised that there's so few people playing the PC version online. I wasn't even considering the PS3 version before, but I'm starting to think of getting it unless the PC community gets going for this game.

solar3719d ago

wow, very surprising to say the least.

moses3719d ago

My friend that has PC UT3 said that it's due to the lack of current play modes, and different bugs/kinks that need to be worked out. Plus not many people can run this game, unlike UT04.

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The story is too old to be commented.