First Look: Nvidia 3-way SLI on nForce 680i

The run up to Christmas has been an exceedingly busy time for both major vendors in the discrete graphics industry, and most would have expected yesterday's GeForce 8800 GTS 512 launch to be the last one before the break. Nvidia has other ideas though, as it is today announcing the release of a driver for Windows Vista that enables support for 3-way SLI on all nForce motherboards with three PCI-Express x16 slots.

Over the past couple of days, we were given access to the driver in order to get an idea of how well 3-way SLI is shaping up. Nvidia has been quite open by saying that 3-way SLI will be shown in its best possible light on its next-generation platform, whose launch isn't too far away, but in the interests of giving its current customers an upgrade path, it has enabled 3-way SLI on all existing nForce 680i SLI motherboards.

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I Call 9MM3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

Impressive but pricey. I have never understood why PC graphics cards cost so much, even more then a single console in some cases. If a high end card sold for 350-400$, I could see more people adopting such configuration. But at 500-700 a card, ouch. Not for me thanks.

Same thing with CPUs. Even the most high end CPU typically does not cost nearly as much to produce as it does to sell it, even after research and developement is factored in.

Altis13782d ago

I just soiled my self

Guardian0fPeace3782d ago

ok, so one 8800 ultra puts a pc with a good cpu (dual or quad core) at about 1.5x the ps3 and 360 (since they are about 90% the same in gfx and physics)...dual 8800 ultras is gonna make pc 3x as good as either console 3way sli 8800ultras-dam! 4.5x either console! That's freakin insane!! But then again...that's a lotta money!!

stennexxx3782d ago

Next month they are going to have 4 then 5 maybe even six. When will this madness! end. You got a PS3 or an Xbox360 and even a Hdtv, keep luving them. Put the rest of your money away for ya bills and a few games.


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