A Few Games from 2011 You May Have Overlooked

While there were plenty of major releases in 2011, some games didn't garner much attention. This handful of titles may of slipped under your radar.

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xxxAnubisxxx1918d ago

Guilty... I missed them all.

Captain Qwark 91918d ago

kinda happy i missed all but rayman lol the other look like turds

JLesinski1918d ago

I missed them all too. I'll have to look into a few of these

ShaunCameron1918d ago

I got 2 of them. Shadows Of The Damned and Rayman Origins.

bahabeast1918d ago

i played rayman demo and was really good but the others look lik P.O.S to me

CraigAA10281918d ago

Shadows of the Damned I completely understand being cold on, but I feel like most of you are dismissing You Don't Know Jack just because it's a trivia game.

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