Realism and Its Effect on Games

A piece about how Realism affects games and the whole industry.

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D3mons0ul2098d ago

Realism and how it's ruining everything and attracting more boring people who think they are superior to you because they do not have an imagination.

Yeah, fantastic. I love being told to grow up and get my head out of the clouds because I like fantasy games and JRPGs. Kind of counter productive to the purpose of video games too if you think about it.

vickers5002098d ago

Agreed. Most creativity and innovation comes from the things that are unrealistic. With everyone trying to make their games as realistic as possible, it's no wonder the industry is currently lacking in innovation and fresh experiences.

NYC_Gamer2098d ago

i enjoy realism in certain type of games.and really have no issue with people who enjoy jrpgs even though they aren't for my taste.

D3mons0ul2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I'm just saying the modern push for realism in gaming has only done more harm than good. Not making any all encompassing blanket statements about all people who play them, just the ones who will judge you for being different and liking different things.

These people do exist.