Seriously!? – The Indie Royale Lightning Pack Offers Six Times The Sam

DIYGamer: The 2011 phenomenon that is Bundlemania continues unabated into the much more futuristic-sounding 2012. Sneaking in out of nowhere, Indie Royale is back with a ‘bonus’ bundle comprised entirely of Serious Sam games, including the whole third-party indie series, including Vlambeer’s Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Mommy’s Best Games’ Serious Sam: Double D. As usual, the base price (otherwise pay-what-you-want) is going to creep up – now is the time to snap this lot up for cheap.

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Cajun Chicken2514d ago

I like Serious Sam and own pretty much the whole series, but I'm just not interested in these indie titles. Can anyone clarify if I'm missing out on anything?